Pilbara - Mt Robinson and Mt Meharry May 5 -8 2018
  A big day on the 5th.

We drove about 25 km to Mt Robinson Rest Area.

  Good road. Mt Robinson in the distance.

There's a 4wd track to the top that we'll walk up.

  But first a look in the gorge behind the rest area.

This is looking back from about 800m into the gorge. As far as we walked.

Yup. Cypress Pines. The gorge has a micro climate. We last saw pines like these in the Flinders. Last year. About 2,200 km as the crow flies.


  Somewhere in the middle of the gorge.
  Then a reconnaisance up the track to the top of Mt Robinson.

Looking south west at The Governor.

  Our truck is in the rest area, in the foreground.

The Governor reminds us of a Scottish Inselberg.

  The summit track is not on any of the paper or digital maps we have. But we have a grab from a google map showing the Mt Robinson contours and the summit track from the rest area.

Of course, now we have this useful bit of info we realise the reconnaisance was unnecessary. At least on paper. But reconciling reality with models is always a useful undertaking. And we enjoyed it anyway.

We start at 750m and the summit is 1150m.

  Just in time to see the effect of sunrise on The Governor.

No snow line, no tree line, just rock and spinifex.

  We first have to walk up the small end, then along the ridge to the big end.

Looking east to the big end.

  The track went over the top of the little end, then wrapped around and down then headed east.
  A couple of km to the top, making nearly 6km in all (one way).
  The big end is 1156m (gps says 1166). This is looking back to the west. The top is rounded.

The Governor on the left (1051m). Mt Meharry (1250m) somewhere towards the right on the horizon. The bit in the middle is the little end of Mt Robinson.

The road is in the wide valley between The Governor and Mt Robinson. Curving around Mt Robinson to head north. The railway line between Hope Downs 1 Mine and West Angelas crosses the road and is the far side of The Governor.

Hope Downs 1 mine is close to Weeli Wolli Creek and discharges water, from mining below the water table, into the creek below the springs.

  Even the insects are the colour of the rock.
  Looking towards the big end (real summit) once the sun had illuminated the gorge.
  Another look at the summit, from the little end, before we began our descent.
  This is the T-junction shown on the map. We checked the coordinates.

Its a hairpin bend for us. Somewhere in the pic is the right hand track. But we failed to find it.

Score Reality 1 - Map 0.

Back at the truck after about 5 hours we will spend the afternoon dossing. We expect hips and knees to cause a bit of discomfort tonight.

Temperature is about 29.5 deg C, which is comfortable out of the sun and reasonable for walking in this area.

  We watched the world. For a whole day.

Including the small (twin engined) plane flitting between mine sites.

  Next morning, at the crack of dawn, we headed 50km to Mt Meharry.
  Easy really. Follow the signs.
  We did wonder about crossing the rail line as it doesn't exist on our maps.

But yes, cross the rail line.

  Packsaddle Road, which carries mine exploration traffic, was a tad corrugated. Then the track deteriorated a bit, though with fewer corrugations it was easier.
  Then it deteriorated some more at the national park boundary.

Just a bit slower really, across a couple of dry creek beds.

  There's a bit of a ridge we have to go over. Up then down the other side.

A turn around and park under a convenient snappy gum for those who wish not to drive further.

  We carried on. Going up was a bit rough but not too steep. Down was a bit easier.

At the top we could see the track up the end of Mt Meharry.

It looked steep.

  We parked at the bottom. It still looked steep.

Our dilemma is not so much whether its steep, its that we are only one vehicle. Which could get awfully messy if something goes wrong.

And we like walking. We see more.

  About a km to the top of the first bit of ridge. End of the steep bit.

Looking back.

For anyone driving, we are past the steep bit. Its easy from here.

  All sorts of flowers that we didn't see on Mt Robinson.

There's a nice description of the mountain, how to tackle it, and the flora, here. http://mntviews.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/meharry-wa-australia.html

  We noticed this patch of spinifex greener than the rest, and without stalks or seeds.

We've become aware that some spinifex just grows as clumps, and other grows outwards as a circle leaving the middle dead. This is the former.

We think.

The rock is eroded in a series of convex shapes.

  The top of the second (small) step. We can see the top.

An easy walk, the post on top of the cairn on top of the mountain is on that rounded bit in the middle of the photo. The track runs straight to it.

  3.2 km, and 400m climb from the truck. About an hour and a half.

In the background are Mt Robinson to the left and The Governor in the middle/right.

We are suitably pleased with ourselves.

A hotter day than we had for Mt Robinson, forecast 33 deg C.

But its all downhill from here.

  A broader view to the east, without the people. Robinson and Governor still visible.

We couldn't identify Meharry from Robinson.

East of Mt Robinson any water we've seen flows to Weeli Wolli Creek which flows through the range and joins the Fortescue River to the north.

West of Mt Robinson, roughly where we are looking, the creeks either disappear in the wide valleys or flow into Turee Creek, a tributary of the Ashburton River which rises about 100km south of Newman and flows north west to near Onslow, south of the Hamersley Range.

  And so the descent. Westwards.

About an hour.

  Tired, we decided to return to Mt Robinson Rest Area. The closest camping not on RioTinto or National Park land.

Though really we probably could have camped anywhere within 15km of Meharry.

We'll head to The Dales camp in Karijini Nat Park tomorrow.

Pilbara - Karijini National Park - Dales Gorge May 9 -11 2018

Michael Mon, 07 May 18 14:00:57 +1000
Hi guys,
Have just found your site (linked from motorhomesaustralia.net). One of the few sites which still seem to be up and going. My wife and I are planning our own (extended) trip next year. Maybe we'll see you out there somewhere? Take care.

Michael and Irma

jd Tue, 15 May 18 21:19:27 +1000
Same pose, different dessert. :-)

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