Pilbara - Hamersley Gorge May 26 2018
  Rain in the night, it settled to a very light misty drizzle. Washed the windows, and hopefully the solar panels.

Really no impact on the creek bed by the time we woke to find it still overcast.

   In to Tom Price for fuel, water (there's a very nice potable water tap in the middle of town), and supermarket.
   Then north on Bingam Road.
   It follows the rail line.
  We meet the road we travelled yesterday, but can't decide whether to drive Karratha Roebourne or Roebourne Karratha!

We turn right, towards Hamersley Gorge.

   The edge of Karijini National Park.
   Its a change to see clouds in the sky casting shadows on the mountains.
   The road is mildly corrugated.

The clouds are clearing.

Enough to recharge the batteries.

  We turned into the short Hamersley Gorge road.

We are descending to the rim of the gorge.

  It unfolds before us.
  Our plan was to spend the night in the truck stop opposite the park entrance and visit the gorge early in the morning when the light is favourable for viewing the spa pool.

We undertook a midday reconnaissance.

A strange sort of welcome. It says the main attraction, the spa pool, is closed.

We must have missed the notice at the park Visitors Centre and the park website.

  We had a look at the main pool.

The folds in the strata are much more pronounced than in other gorges in Karijini.

  The upper layers of the banded iron formation are lighter, having been leached of some of their iron.
  We walked up the side of the gorge for a bit.
   Purple reminds me of manganese.
  This is one of the waterfalls that one must not climb. The one into the main pool.

The angle of the rock is just enough to make it a little slippy.

  But the colours are magic.
   Looking downstream. We decided not to swim. The weather has cooled down a bit.
  We retreated to the main road, just outside the park there is a "truck stop". No trucks, just evidence of campers.

We surprised a grey-headed honey eater and listened to a variety of birds.

  Absolutely unidentifiable to our untutored minds.

We haven't seen many parrots (or kangaroos or wallabies) this trip. A couple of black and green parrots flew past.

  A quick evening stroll. Still a few clouds in the sky. The mountains are not named on our maps.
  We haven't quite got used to the broad plains with mountains popping up and gorges gouged out that is the Hamersley Range.

We've been in the Hamersley Range since Newman and the Kalgan Pool. Just over 4 weeks.

Pilbara - Wittenoom May 27 2018

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