Pilbara - Towards Broome June 11 2018
  Our time in the Pilbara is almost over. I nearly said complete, but I doubt it will ever be.

We decide to take the shortest route to the Great Northern Highway. Through Shay Gap.

  There's no name for this range. But it has Kitty's Gap and Coppin Gap.

There's a mine on the southern side of Kitty's Gap.

  I think Coppin Gap.
  Across the coastal plain.
  Interrupted by the DeGrey River.

Little evidence left of last week's rain.

If we'd needed it this would have provided a camp.

  Through Shay Gap.
  Another range with no name, just names for the gaps.
  Yarrie Mine was operated by Goldsworthy. Now closed.

The disused rail line is from Yarrie Mine to Port Hedland.

  Almost straight north on Boreline Road.
  We are crossing the edge of the Great Sandy Desert.

Parts of the road have had stones added. Under the water the road is solid.

Straight through the middle .... it will be soft at the edges.

  About 15km short of the Great Northern Highway there is an escarpment. It looked like a dune initially but there was no "down" on the other side.

We stopped to look back whence we had come.

The hills around Shay Gap are on the horizon. About 50km away.

  We'd much rather have taken the Less Northern Highway.

But there isn't one.

We feel detatched on sealed roads, particularly this wide.

Water run off from the road means in places the roadside vegetation is different to the general vegetation and can form a barrier, despite our height.

  We miss a pic of the main road end of the Wapet Road (Nyangumarta Highway or Kidson Track). The other end is at Lake Auld. A few hundred metres from where we camped.

Marble Bar fuel was closed. We pick up half a tank at Sandfire Roadhouse. Enough to reach Broome with a bit of insurance.

  A roadside camp which held minimal interest.

On one side has been 80 Mile Beach and the other side the Great Sandy Desert.

Nearing Broome we cross Roebuck Plains.

  Intrigued at the short concrete posts regularly spaced in a straight line.
  But we recognise cattle.

Brahmin (we think). Different to cattle we've seen so far on our trip.

  We turn left towards Broome.

In a few days we'll return and head east towards Derby.

Local radio says we are now in the Kimberley.

  Before we reach Broome we fill up with water and fill a tank of fuel at Roebuck Plains Roadhouse then turn north towards Cape Leveque.

All the roads are open to all vehicles.

We are headed to James Price Point.

Kimberley - James Price Point June 12 - 13 2018

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