Kimberley - Purnululu (Bungles) - South August 12 2018
  Its a 65 km round trip to "The Domes". They are in the south of the park, our campsite is in the north. Distance between camp sites is about 15 km. A 30 km round trip.

It doesn't really matter which campsite. There's a lot of driving in the park. Roads are reasonable but mildly corrugated.

Our reward for the day is domes.

  They look to us like striped beehive kilns. But we haven't seen any brick buildings. And there isn't any smoke.
  First though, to Cathedral Gorge.
  There's a fault line through the massif which changes the erosion a bit.
  Don't forget to look back.

And up.

  That's Ali in the amphitheatre. We had the gorge to ourselves, having started walking from the car park before 7am.

Shortly before here there's a pool with some water. We are hopeful its an indication of water in Piccaninny Gorge.

  And looking back, again.
  By this time, as we emerge on the way out, the sun is casting shadows.
  We think each of these bungles is a bungle.

Majestic bungles.

The dark stripes are the blackish colour of cyanobacteria which can survive on layers of sandstone that have some clay and thus retain a bit of moisture. The reddish stripes are iron that has oxidised on the surface of layers that have little or no clay and thus insufficient moisture to support bacteria.

  In the south of the park the conglomerate is much finer than the north. Few small pebbles rather than lots of big rocks.

This is explained by the water that carried the sediment flowing from roughly north to south. Initially flowing fast and carrying large rocks. Later flowing slowly so the rocks fall to the bottom of the river, but still carrying some sand and small pebbles. Later still slower, the pebbles and most of the sand are deposited.

The amount of clay depends on ....... clay is finer than sand, the river has to flow very slowly for increased clay deposit.

  A small gorge within the domes.

Ending in a deep, but empty, circular pool, at the foot of the waterfall.

  Our reconnaisance is complete. Tomorrow we embark on 3 days of walk into Piccaninny Gorge (and back!).

Back at our camp by 10 am we have a leisurely second breakfast, a rest and a couple of phone calls, lunch, then pack the backpacks.

Kimberley - Purnululu (Bungles) - Piccaninny Gorge Day One August 13 2018

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