Gills Moon Lagoon to Chilli Beach July 4 - 5 2019
Unfortunately Gills Moon Lagoon is on private property - no camping.
  Booking Chilli Beach seems to have been a problem for all. Particularly school holidays. We managed 3 days (exactly as we wanted) with 2 days between Captain Billy and Chilli Beach.

The lookout from the range leaving Captain Billy was worth another stop.

  The descent from the Richardson Range, from the heathland, was more obvious to us as we headed south.

We left the heath and the long straight to Bramwell Junction was through open eucalypt forest.

  Then we turned left and headed south. A few litres of fuel to make sure we could reach Chilli Beach and Weipa.
  The Wenlock River at Moreton Telegraph Station.

We are more aware of the geography of the peninsula.

We will recross the river as we first head south then north east.

  Just a roadside stop next to an abandoned scrape.

A quiet, pleasant evening.

  Next morning we turn left, north west towards Portland Roads and Chilli Beach.
  We stop for a night at Gills Moon Lagoon. Next to the Wenlock River.

Greeted by a pied cormorant drying its wings.

  The lagoon is an oxbow lake. With lillies around all the edges.

Its at least 50m above the level of the river. Part of an old water course. Probably part of the flood plain.

  A darter posed for us as the sun sank.
  Back to the darter. The gymnastics with its neck were fascinating.
  Next morning, a quick look at the lagoon.
  And a reminder of how nice and close to the lagoon we are. We did see a flock of firetails but pics eluded us. Or at least they managed to elude the camea.
  Down to the ford across the Wenlock.
  We travel north east on Portland Roads Road.

Through the Iron Range National Park. We are crossing the Great Dividing Range.

  The Pascoe River crossing.

Beyond this the roads around Lockhart River community are open even during the wet season.

The Peninsula Development Road is also always open, but only to residents.

  Strange conversation ...

"Are you alright?" - "Yes".

"Do you need help?" - "Yes".

"How long have you been here?" - "Since yesterday".

We towed the delinquent vehicle into Lockhart River.

  A bit tiring watching mirror and road at the same time. A couple of hiccoughs when we snapped the webbing used to lash thicker towing webbing to front of vehicle.
  But we recognise granite.
  Having released the towed vehicle we navigated our way out of Lockhart River. Its not very big.
  We had time to visit Quintell Beach. We missed the art gallery and the WWII airfield.
  Continue to Chilli Beach. Its to the left of the headland (Cape Griffith) about 6km.
Chilli Beach July 6 - 8 2019

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