Rapid Bay and Cobbler Hill January 21 - 25 2020
  Memory fading. We drove south along the west coast of Flurieu Peninsula.

Stopped for a walk on the beach.

  And admire the heron.
  Onward, ever onward. We called into Second Valley. For another walk.
  Thence to Rapid Bay for camping.

And another walk.

We always return home fitter and healthier from our travels. With promises to remain so. But never quite keeping them.

  Cape Jervis looks out across Gulf St Vincent. Which is no relation to the Cape St Vincent in Portugal.

But there is a ferry to Kangaroo Island.

Ravaged by fire there are fuel tankers being loaded, under the supervision of the military police who seem to spend lots of time standing watching. They have a small camp off the pic to the left.

Half the island has burned.

  A little bit of engineering. How to carry a spare tyre on an army Mack truck water carrier.

It would add a bit too much weight to our little vehicle, but would be very convenient.

  Tallisker Mine. The main shaft. There used to be a winding engine and tower.

From 1862, silver lead. And 1917-20 revived for arsenic.

  Foden. Made in England.
  The crusher house. There are some very good interpretive signs showing the surface infrastructure and map of underground. It was a significant mine and smelter.
  We didn't expect grass trees, but I guess the coast is a bit more exposed than we imagined.
  There are always the wrens. If we are quick enough.
  From Cobbler Hill campsite (Deep Creek Conservation Park), a walk down to Blowhole Beach.
  With a surprise white eye along the way.
  Part of the Heysen Trail, a coastal walking track.

The Oka is already at the bottom of the track, with stories of when it was ok to camp here.

  For a bit of fishing.

But alas, the fish had other ideas, or perhaps operator error.

And I never did find the blowhole .......

Hindmarsh Island to Little Dip January 26 - February 3 2020

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