Normanton to Leichhardt Falls and Gregory River May 4 - 5 2021
  Sadly, we depart Normanton, and the geese. We hope the lagoon is a taste of things to come, but we have a long way yet to travel.

We've driven about 2,400km so far with more than 1,000km to go.

We'd hoped to follow the Savannah Way (Highway 1 - part of main round Oz highway) but the section of Wollogorang Road from the Northern Territory border to Robinson River Crossing is restricted to light vehicles less than 4.5 tonne gvm. Ok for us, but the Oka is 6 tonne gvm.

We have Jennifer monitoring road condition and informing us with texts to the satphone. But, as she wisely informs us, causing roads to be opened for us is beyond the normal scope of "remote area support person". We plan a diversion through Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park.

Not too far out of Normanton we disturb a large flock of red-tailed black cockatoos. A moment of excitement at birds not often seen by us. Though its only really a glimpse at 80km/hr.

  Burke and Wills Camp 119. A camp on the 1861 overland trip from Melbourne to the Gulf.

From here a quick dash to the Gulf and back as the expedition was running short of supplies.

The return journey to Melbourne is the stuff of history and deaths.

This pic is of one of the remaining blazed trees at the camp. An idea of how slow growing the trees are.

  The billabong on the Bynoe River (perhaps named by an Irish person with a sense of humour or unable to spell) beside which is the camp is relatively unchanged.
  Ever onward, the landscape continually changing. One of many patches of termite mounds. We decide to not try counting them, let alone counting the inhabitants.
  Leichhardt Falls. We spend the night on the cliff top. With a handful of caravanners and camper trailerers.

Peter tried fishing but, alas, the fish had different ideas.

  Evening was conducive to a short stroll across the causway and return across the top of the falls.

This is the lake above the falls.

A few kangaroos.

Maybe this is where the fish are?

  We'd seen the corellas from our camp spot so reasonably knew where we had walked and where the top of the falls is.

Providing they haven't swapped trees that is ....... !

  All made easier by seeing the trucks on the far bank.

Margaret relaxing before dinner.

  A few dotterels drinking above the falls. And an egret.
  Dusk saw a lone kangaroo hop down the sand dune for a drink in First Creek below the falls.
  Another night, a stop on the Gregory River, south of Gregory Downs.

Riverside campsite is one of the call sites for the annual canoe race.

Someone convinced Telstra to put mobile phone antennae on top of a tall, pre-existing, microwave tower near Gregory Downs. We had a weak 3G signal beside the river and a strong 4G signal higher up on the plain.

Riversleigh and Boodjamulla NP May 6 - 7 2021

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