Florence Falls - Litchfield National Park May 26 - 27 2021
  The long way round .......

Since Reynolds River track was closed we took the long way round Litchfield National Park. Through Adelaide River, filled with fuel and bought a couple of essentials, then through Batchelor.

  That was the plan, and executed successfully, with just a hint of uncertainty at the sign.
  Quite a pleasant drive really, it looked reasonably well used.
  Thence to Litchfield National Park.
  First a quick stop at the magnetic (not really) termite mounds.
  Which are a different design to the cathedral termite mounds.
  Florence Falls is a bit popular.

Accessible from Darwin on very good roads for day trippers and tours to supplement the campers.

  We camped in the old 4wd camp, a little less cramped than the new 2wd camp. Both with sealed road to the camp entry, then gravel so all the campers got the dust from all the wannabe campers who couldn't find a site.

About 700m to the falls then a walk anticlockwise around the top to take the 134 steps down to campsite level.

  A full eclipse of the moon.

It started in bottom right and gradually moved across towards top left.

  Nearly there, but at this stage it looked unlikely ....
  Though maybe ................

it didn't quite amount to "full".

  And the shadow moved off to top right. Having described an arc.
  Ali and I became ambitious ....

There's a 39km loop track round the middle of the park, the Tabletop Range.

From the campsite a couple of km to the junction with the track. We intended to walk until we thought it time to turn round.

With afternoon temperatures above 30 centigrade we set off before dawn.

With the light of the moon ..... of course.

The plateau has some sandstone outcrops and lots of seasonal burning.

  Is this a wood swallow or a cuckoo shrike.

We used to know ......

We think a cuckoo shrike ......

  The track was a bit indistinct, and the track markers hard to see (for us).

Revert to the age old practice of one person stays with a marker until the other person finds the next marker.

And so on.

This is "last year's burn" with new grass from the rains. We think.

Another escarpment in the background that presumably led to another plateau.

  This marker strategically placed in the middle of a bog.

We skirted round.

We had crossed one creek (which took a bit of searching for our path on the way back).

We nearly reached the creek that runs into Buley Rockhole and thence to Florence Falls.

If I hadn't lost the tracker (in early days of this trip) I'd have known.

We had radio contact with Peter and Margaret who would meet us at the Rockhole. We were within 700m, the track about 5km.

  A forest kingfisher entertained us for a while.
  We eventually reached the Rockhole. A swim for Ali and Margaret.
  Not quite so busy as Florence Falls.

Litchfield National Park is mostly about waterfalls, within easy reach of Darwin on good roads.

Tjaynera (Sandy Creek) - Litchfield National Park May 28 - 29 2021

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