Sandy Billabong (Djirrilba), Kakadu National Park June 15 2021
  Before leaving Alligator Billabong "the" crimson finch put in a repeat appearance.

Cameras were at the ready.

  We continued south on the 4wd track.

Over a couple of days we went from "the last 50m is like a tunnel", through "you'll probably get through" to the vital piece of information - there's some bamboo near the end.

A very mixed journey, this bit across dry floodplain.

Marred only by the myriad buffalo hoofprints in the track. Worse than corrugations at times.

  Through forest near creeks and billabongs.
  Surprisingly alongside billabongs.

Very pleasant.

  Open forest again.
  And some bamboo near a dry creek crossing.

The most difficult part at the southern end where it joins the Old Jim Jim Road was not so much the bamboo, that parted as we pushed through, but the gate posts as the track was on an angle and the gates really aren't wide.

  So to Sandy Billabong (Djirrilba).

The campsite is about 50m short of the billabong (unlike the day use area).

I placed my chair just where the ground began to be boggy (I know this as the legs sank) and spent the afternoon "watching".

  Entertained by a flycatcher.

It hung on to the lily stem long enough for a pic.

  After a couple of hours two shelducks landed on the cormorants favourite perch.

They had an interesting (we think) conversation and moved on when the cormorants returned to claim their spot.

  A walk around the northern end of the billabong, past the day use area.
  To the exit, with a reasonable flow of water into the next billabong.

We think it would be fascinating to spend a whole year watching the ebb and flow of water and wildlife as the land alternately floods and dries.

  The fleet of green pygmy geese sets sail.
  And the sun becomes lower in the sky.
Nourlangie, Kakadu National Park June 16 2021

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