Nuga Nuga National Park - Meeks Lookout June 28 2023
  On the 1:250,000 maps there is mention of Meeks Lookout. Exploroz kindly offered coordinates. -24.98147,148.67522

So, armed to the hilt with gps tracker, plb, phone, and camera, plus water and snacks, we set off early round the lake.

Our track for the day is in red. Blue our circumnavigation of the peninsula and previous evening excursion along the road.

Moolayember Creek, part of what formed the lake, is labeled, but I don't see any line. Brown River enters the lake from south east.

  But first, to marvel again at a swan.

Before we disturbed it.

  Always nice to match bird sounds to birds. In this case we heard and saw the kite whistling.
  It didn't climb the tree. It flew into it. And balanced precariously?
  The morning is calm. Sunrise about an hour ago.

Temperatures haven't been high, but we are more comfortable bush bashing when cooler.

  Shortly before we left the road we passed through an area of denser forest. With a cacophony of bird calls.

Too many to separate. But we did recognise a blue faced honeyeater. We see them at home. Though this was not what was singing.

  Our lookout is below Mt Warrinilla, to the right.

At least we hope it is, as access to the top of the mountain would be too much for us, involving climbing up a vertical wall.

  It doesn't take us long. Lots of cattle and kangaroo tracks, and the cane grass isn't thick on the stony ground.

We've discovered in the past that trying to stand exactly on coordinates is difficult. Usually entails a sort of spiral approach rather than a straight line. The compass in the tracker only works when moving, and there are errors in the gps. 8 meters was close enough.

We can see the peninsula, and the truck on the near shore. There's some haze in the air today, perhaps a fire somewhere a long way away.

  Looking west, with the sun behind us ..... somewhere over there is Carnarvon National Park, and its gorge.
  We rest, and look, for a while. Thinking how lucky we are to still follow our nose like this.

We are often asked where our favourite place is.

The short answer is "wherever we are at the time".

  We are on our way down, looking back.

There is nothing particularly special, or outstanding, about the small rise in the middle of the pic. Apart from its called Meeks Lookout and its a nice place to be. We have no idea who Meeks was, or is. Or perhaps what a meeks is.

  Another bird we haven't seen previously. I suspect there are more we haven't seen than we have.

A squatter pigeon. There were four or five in a small flock.

  Wood ducks as we follow the edge of the lake. One of the campers has left while we walked.
  We've seen a few double banded dotterels at the lake.
  But not many orioles. At least we think they are orioles as not many birds have pink beaks. They flew down for a drink and a brief fossick.

I'm a restless person. Most birds seem more restless. Not still for long. Even the patient egrets and herons.

  Nearly home. Nice to see the magpie goose looking after the truck for us.

Looks like the truck is on a lean. Inside its not noticeable while sitting or cooking. The actuator bed modification allows me to make the bed horizontal for sleeping by raising corners independently.

Lake Nuga Nuga National Park - To the Ends June 29 - 30 2023

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