Homeward Bound to Brisbane August 10 - 13 2023
  Leaving Ka Ka Mundi, and never discovering why it is so named, we travel along the north edge of the park, as close to it as possible, while also aiming for Springsure.
  We disturb a small flock of brolgas.
  Its always nice to see a road sign when on small roads.

Not so much to know we are headed in the right direction, but hopefully tell us the roads all join up.

  We get hints of valleys in the edge of the park. In the distance.
  There's a range of mountains that extends from the eastern extreme of the park northwards.

I'm sure its possible to head directly east, towards Rolleston. We opt to head north to Springsure.

This is a pic of Springsure from Minerva Hills National Park. A short drive up to a lookout.

On very stony track.

  Fuel, dump point, water, at Springsure. We spend the night a little east. At Staircase Creek.

A turn of 20th century road cutting, to make a gradient easier. Cut by hand, by Chinese labor.

Fortunately the floor of the cutting matches the inclination of the bedding planes in the sandstone.

  Next morning chose the Fitzroy Development Road to to travel south. A bit rough in places.

30th August 1972. The site of the Ammonium Nitrate explosion that we learned of when visiting the Taroom Museum.

The bullbar landed a couple of hundred meters away. Other parts found further away.

  We spent the night in Taroom. Same camp as last time.

An early start, towards South Durong. Via back roads.

About an hour after starting, signs of smoke.

We figure it is north of our route, a long way.

We pass through it, and clear air on the far side.

  We skirt the eastern edge of Barakula State Forest, on the Jandowie - Durah Road.

Looking for a road leading east.

But alas the map has misled us.We have to go south, via the Burra Burn Road, then turn north on the Chinchilla - Wondai Road, to South Durong.

  Which has a campsite next to the hall.
  And a general store, serving pizzas among other goodies.
  A quick look at our campsites over the last 67 nights.
  And the roads we travelled.

We started with a notion of visiting the Queensland Sandstone Belt. The idea of circumnavigation unfolded as we became familiar with the task.

We've been trying to travel more slowly, and achieved that. Even avoiding our usual very long last day to home. We have a 3-4 hour drive tomorrow, on good roads.


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