Bungonia State Conservation Area, through Canberra, to Micalong Creek Reserve Week 3 - July 12th 2010
Bungonia State Conservation Area (near Goulbourn) to Canberra then Micalong Creek Reserve (near Wee Jasper)

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Limestone. After all the granite and basalt its nice to find some sedimentary rocks. Totally impossible (for us) to photograph the gorge in Bungonia State Conservation Area. We camped and enjoyed the walking.

Didn't find any fossils. Stuck our noses into a couple of caves. Tired legs from all the ups and downs.

Didn't plan our day very well. Looked longingly at the track down and through the narrow part of the gorge, but not so keen on the steep uphill bit to get out. Excuse was we were too late in the day to start that bit.

Maybe next time!

Apart from that it requires quite a bit of effort when arriving in a new place to work out what to do and how best to do it. We are a bit out of practice so will improve.

The river through the gorge joins the Shoalhaven River (pictured) which wends its way to the coast at Nowra, about 70km away.

We could have walked down to the river for a swim but the only way out was up so declined the opportunity. Perhaps we are getting older (or more sensible).

The real excuse is probably that its still Winter and the water would be cold! (That's our story anyway).

What can we say? We have two daughters at Uni in Canberra. We had a bit of a deadline to visit them during holidays. Hadn't seen them for quite a few months.

Offloaded some things we'd transported from Brisbane which gave us heaps more space for important things (like food) in the truck.

We did a bit of sight-seeing and shopping in Canberra but we really aren't city people.

Free wheel hub was fixed at the Queanbeyan Mitsubishi Truck Dealer. Easy diagnosis, its quite common to mis-assemble the hubs after greasing wheel bearings. Took a day for part to arrive.

Micalong Creek Reserve. A camp site for fishermen, but Winter is the off season.

We stayed over the weekend, explored the gorge, and returned to Canberra to pick up new camera.

Replaced the hot water tank in the truck. Minimal swearing due to lots of cups of tea. Went relatively smoothly.

Canberra to Pinch River, Barry Way Week 4 - July 19th 2010