Mt Remarkable - Burra Week 19 - November 1st 2010
Woomera was innaccessible prior to 1983.

Outside museum has quite a large display of all sorts of interesting military bits and pieces.

The town was clean, tidy, quiet, well maintained, and not too obviously occupied. A lack of washing on lines and cars in driveways was a bit of a giveaway.

We don't think these are yellow footed rock wallabies which inhabit the area in small quantities.

They are wallabies of some sort.

The track through Hidden Gorge (Mt Remarkable NP) was a bit soggy.

It started off with a few creek crossings but became a walk up the creek.

Ali has been trying to convince me she's not adventurous. Difficult to be convincing when knee deep in water, by choice.

Hidden Gorge became narrower, and narrower, and wetter and wetter.

We aren't too sure why it was hidden, and by whom, but we found it by following the signs.

More incongruously we followed the Alligator River for part of the way. To the best of our knowledge there are no alligators in Oz. We weren't eaten.

A corner in Hidden Gorge.

The walls are sandstone.

We believed the weather forecast and were rewarded with a bit of sunshine and views over Spencer Gulf
Hallett Wind Farm. South West of Port Augusta.

We've seen a couple of small solar installations (places like Hermansburg) and a single wind generator at Coober Pedy. This is the first large scale wind farm we've seen.

We've seen them overseas. Australia seems to be a bit slow on the uptake.

Very graceful.

We pulled off the road for these two wide loads (preceeded by an escort ute plus two police cars).

They are each carrying two blades for wind generators.

They look so slow and graceful when turning which seems to give a false impression of their size and power.

I believe there was once a Danish company making them near Melbourne but it closed due to lack of business. I wonder where they are made now.

Camp site among the river red gums at Burra Gorge Creek campsite.

A couple of days rest after all the driving from the centre.

A healthy brood of Emus, spotted while driving, running away like they always do ...
We stopped at Monoman Creek (Campsite 14) in Chowilla Reserve.

This marked our return to the Murray (we first saw it this time at Morgan).

Much more water in the river than a couple of months previously.

A dozen or so emus sauntered along the opposite bank and stopped for a drink. Most unlike emus, they studiously ignored us.

Towards evening at Monoman Creek.

The creek flows into the Murray.

This gnarled old red gum was not far from our campsite. Branches that had joined other branches in some sort of three dimensional maze.
Wentworth to Mt Granya, along the Murray Week 20 - November 8th 2010