Wentworth to Mt Granya, along the Murray Week 20 - November 8th 2010
We continued on the back way from Renmark to Wentworth, on the North side of the Murray.

Stopped at Rufus Creek (the exit from Lake Victoria).

Tripped over this lizard, just about to take a bight of the plant in front of its nose.

Like something from "The Birds" (Alfred Hitchcock film).

These cormorants were having a rest before joining their friends fishing in the outflow from the lake.

The cormorants were nearly outnumbered by pelicans.

Out of the picture to the left were a couple of fishermen in a boat. Beyond the sign that said no fishing.

A pecking order in which the people came last!

The Murray is marked by the line of trees.

In front of it a carpet of white flowers.

The bridge over the Great Darling Anabranch, West of Wentworth.

We last saw this bit of river North of Pooncarie. It was dry then, though we heard on the radio that water was about to flow down it after many years of being dry.

Quite a lot of water.

Had a delightful evening with two couples in the Wentworth Caravan Park. Sat and chatted while watching the river flow by.

This wagtail seemed to be attacking the kookaburra. Perhaps it was picking flees out of its feathers. The kookaburra looked mildly annoyed but suffered quite a few pecks before it moved .... to be followed by the wagtail.

And a pair of red rumped parrots happened along to entertain us.
Returned through Hattah Kulkyne National Park. Managed to follow the river all the way through this time.

At the exit these locusts were hopping across the road. It was odd to become aware that the road was moving. Not long before they start flying.

Bought some netting to cover radiator and air intake, just in case, but didn't need it.

Rain was forecast so we headed further East.

We returned to Vinefera, and made the mistake we didn't make on the previous visit.

I walked about 100m placing stakes along the edge of the track, checking both wheel ruts, before we crawled our way through.

Stopped again at Grantham's Bend. The Murray was about 2m higher than previous visit.

Warm enough to sit outside this time so enjoyed watching this Rainbow Bee Eater.

The rain caught us just East of Albury.

This bridge crosses the Hume Reservoir.

We've been delighted by various blue wrens for most of the trip.

Here's another one. This time at Cottontree Creek campsite in Mt Granya State Park.

We were lucky to be high and dry. We collected 45 litres of water from the roof.

Went for a walk from Cottontree Creek and ended following a fire trail. Hume Reservoir in the background.
Further East as we followed the Upper Murray the extent of the flooding was obvious.

Thought we might stop at Clarke's Lagoon. The track disappeared into the river.

Further East again. Chocolate box scenery. Brilliant green that we haven't seen for quite a while.
More greenery, and a very flooded Murray.

The bridge we planned to cross on was closed, the road on the far side was under water. All of the campsites we passed were flooded or closed, so we headed into the mountains where hopefully the water drains faster.

Mt Koscziusko National Park Week 21 - November 15th 2010