Koscziusko National Park Week 21 - November 15th 2010
Just outside Jersey Cave (Yarrangobilly Caves) is a lump of weathered limestone. Very fine grained and hard it has weathered in ridges.
Close up of the ridges in another rock close by.
Inside Jersey Cave. A column (parallel sides which I haven't seen before, I'm more used to stalagmites being wider at the bottom.

Also some flowstone and curtains.

Jersey Cave is unusually dense with formations, barely any original rock visible.

Just about every imaginable formation, here are some helictites (grow across and up rather than just down like stalictites).

More helictites. And straws.
Simply pretty.
The crystals growing up were formed under water. They are now exposed, but the water at their base is clear. The individual crystals are up to 50mm long.
The causeway across Tantangara Reservoir was closed due to flooding. From our side of the reservoir we watched a couple of 4wd'ers on the other side drive down to the edge, decide it was wet, turn round and go back whence they came.

We thought we were smart as we'd read the notice saying it was closed. But went for a look anyway.

Tantangara Reservoir was a pleasant surprise. What had started as a cloudy day cleared just as the sun was going down.

We stopped for quite a pause at the causeway.

Remarkable colours.
It just got better.
Had another look the following morning.

Heaps of wild horses grazing near the reservoir.

But the horses all ran away when we got too close.
It was a couple of hours after sunrise when the sun broke up the mist.
This is the Murrumbidgee River further North up Long Plain Road.

It flows into the Tantangara Reservoir.

A few months ago we crossed the Murrumbidgee at Yaouk, about 15km downstream from the reservoir (but no direct road that we know of).

At Blue Water Holes (follow the 4wd track East off Long Plain Road) is another pocket of Limestone. This lizard was there to greet us.
Blue Water Holes to Home Week 22 - November 22nd 2010