Beddgelert and Anglesey, Wales Week 41 2nd - 6th February 2012
We headed towards Snowdonia. Along the coast.

The camera had some condensation in the lens.

But ...

This is Pentre Ifan. A neolithic burial site. A portal dolmen from about 3500 BC.

This is probably the oldest historical site we've seen so far on our travels.

We haven't taken too much notice of house roofs in the last few weeks.

But here we are in Wales. Home of slate.

And the white wash would originally have been lime. 


A low pass as we head through Snodownia to Beddgelert.
We camped at the forestry campground and went for a walk.

We are on the west side of Snowdon. The western most of the three valleys that split Snowdonia.

Looking northwards up the valley. Out of the trees just long enough.
Another hard frost at the campsite.

Fresh water and drain both frozen. I was a bit careless replacing the lagging during tank strap repairs.

We are at the forest camp just north west of Beddgelert.

In the 13th century the north Wales prince Llewellyn mistakenly killed his dog Gelert. Hence grave of Gelert.

No photo but a nice walk along the river bank to the grave. Not quite what we expected though!

So on to Anglesey to visit friends and escape the approaching even worse weather.

This is Bryn Celli Ddu. About 2000 BC.

Its a combination of a circular henge and a later burial chamber at the center.

Engraving still visible on a stone "guarding the entrance".
Ali and Sheila trying to piece together the jigsaw of rocks and mounds.
The rain was a bit much for the camera at Caer Leb.

A 200 BC iron age defended settlement.

Only the earthworks and ditch remain.

The hill to the east of Llanberis was shrouded in mist with a cool breeze blowing.

Sheila and Ali are trying to decide if its cold and miserable or just cold. And whether its warmer inside or outside the shelter (which had ice on the ground).

And we ate chocolate muesli bar thingoes.

We settled for just cold.

Then started the descent down a different ridge.

Snowdon is behind cloud off to the left of the picture.

On a better day its a good walk along the ridges, all the way to the top of Snowdon!.

The beach to the north of Ynys Llanddwyn (lovers' island).
With pillow lava where the island joins the land.

And in case anyone wants to know, yes, it rained. Again.

St Dwynwen's Church.

The patron saint of lovers.

Though we aren't too sure about what she did to earn the title, apart from staying on the island after deciding she didn't want one.

Couldn't help noticing the gate.

Not a straight piece of wood in sight.

There were several of them.

Must be something that foresters from the Forestry Commission do.

Sheila and Jim have a bird feeder with a constant procession of birds.

This woodpecker was rescued earlier when it mistook the window for somewhere safe to fly.

It recovered well after a short rest in a bucket by the fire.

Snowdon, Wales Week 41 7th February 2012

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