Great Langdale, Lakes District Week 46 19th March 2012
And so ever westwards, to the Lakes District.

We've been lucky with the weather, and it looked like Kendal had also.

Our first blossom. Surely a sign of spring.

We camped in Great Langdale.

Langdale Pikes in the background.

Obviously something to be walked up.

So off the intrepid duo set.

Stickle Ghyll (spelled Ghyll so as not to be confused with the Gill we'd become used to in the Dales, meaning exactly the same thing).

The track follows the Ghyll to Stickle Tarn, just over the lip in the middle of the photo.

A bit steep. We were a bit warm.
The edge of the tarn. In need of a rest.

Us that is. Not the edge of the tarn.

Then Ali caught up.
Followed the edge of the tarn (the left from here) and up a bit more.

Lake Windermere visible in the distance.

Ever higher.

And a bit colder.

Pike of Stickle.

Langdale Pikes has three pikes.

This looked the easiest from our perspective.

Mainly because it was directly in front of us, and having veered a bit more to the west than we'd planned there was only a little bit of bog between us an it.

Though it was a bit steep on the far side.
The Tardis is the big white bit at the edge of the campsite, next to the road.

More than 2000 feet (600m) below us.

Windermere from the top of Stickle Pike.
We picked the steep way down.

Alongside Dungeon Ghyll.

"Our" pike in the background.

Following day we needed a bit less exercise so a walk along the valley floor.

English hikers seem to have adopted walking sticks and map pouches.

These two had hand held gps as well.

We went for the "have a look at the map on the computer and try to remember it" approach. Modified by taking a photograph for reference and resolving navigation arguments.

Through a bit of forest.
Dungeon Ghyll and the edge of Stickle Tarn.

Easy really!

Our great English hikers were not alone.
A quick stroll up the side of the valley. A sort of reconnaissance for the road tomorrow.

Stickle Pike is the sticky up nobbly bit on the left hand edge of the Langdale Pikes massif.

Great Langdale to Wast Head, Lakes District and Solway Firth Week 46 21st March 2012

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