East Neuk of Fife, Scotland Week 48 5th April 2012
And so to Scotland.

Though it struck us as a bit odd that there would be a viewing point for the Scottish Border.

Something about borders being imaginery things that governments have imposed upon the landscape.

And presumably the signpost driving the other way would have a viewing point for the English Border.

But anyway, not a customs post in sight.

Definitely in Scotland.
After all these miles our first obviously nuclear power station.

Very distinctive and visible for miles around. Torness power station.

We by-passed Edinburgh, save it for later.

We crossed the Firth of Forth on the Forth road bridge.

Famous Forth Rail Bridge to the right.

We headed west, into the East Neuk of Fife.

Camped halfway between Crail and Anstruther.

Then walked into Anstruther via Cellardyke.

Cellardyke harbour was originally constructed with Dutch help.

The original construction is to the left. Newer, we think after a storm, construction to the right.

Cellardyke is one of several fishing villages along this stretch of coast.

Though the herring fishery collapsed long ago.

Narrow, deserted, streets.
and a bit of a beach at Anstruther.

We thought we'd save fish and chips from Scotland's best fish and chip shop for later.

Of course later never came.

Lions rampant on the war memorial east of Cellardyke.

What is is about lions and heraldry. Did lions ever roam Scotland?

The other half of "welcome to Scotland".

A UK border agency patrol vessel. Presumably parked at Rossyth (naval port?) when not patrolling.


Another fish and chip shop we failed to take advantage of.

Plenty of evidence of lobster fishing.

But the fresh fish shop was closed.

Crail is a "Royal Burgh".

It has its beginnings in the 12th century, complete with castle. It became a Royal Burgh in the 14th century.

Basically Robert the Bruce granted the town the right to hold a market.

This is one of the market posts to show the limits.

Just a small guess, I wonder if the market was taxed!

Spring is definitely sprung.
The local butcher had a jar of everything that has ever been put in a jar labeled spread, or pickle, or jam, or ...

None of the labels on the jars (or the contents) are repeated.

Closed for lunch, or Sunday, or winter, or .....

We headed around the coast then towards the Cairngorms.

The couple of weeks of record high temperatures finally gave way to more usual weather.

Wind and rain on this coast.

A brief glimpse of St Andrews.

Oh dear.

Looks like our trip into Glen Doll won't happen.

Just a couple of days before the wedding so we can't stray too far.

Do I or don't I.

Ali is non-committal but I think a tidy up would be in order.

Seems like I should look like my passport photo for weddings as well as border crossings.

Scottish Wedding and Family Reunion, Blairgowrie, Scotland Week 48 8th April 2012

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