Scottish Wedding and Family Reunion, Blairgowrie, Scotland Week 48 8th April 2012
We made it. Here in one piece. A strange feeling. We left home about a year ago with this date in sight.

Now how to condense three days of wedding and family into a few photos and words.

My technology didn't extend to sound.

We arrived on Thursday evening, as did Andy and Kirsty (my niece) so we got to meet Andy for the first time.

Friday things got underway properly with a bit of a buffet and some music.

Kate (other niece) on fiddle.

Bride and groom are at left.
Saturday afternoon was the formal bit.

I met Rachael (daughter) and Jennifer (other daughter not in photo) at Aberdeen airport on Friday morning.

First time we'd seen them for a year.

Blairgowrie used to be a linen weaving center and there's a few old large sandstone houses around. This one has become a hotel. Taken over for the weekend of wedding.

Andy (groom).

Nearly there.

Brother Al and daughter Kirsty.

The photographer was very good!

Ok. Let's get this show on the road.

The weather had warmed just enough to be pleasant outside.

Who would have guessed for Easter in Scotland.

Kate on fiddle again.

The trade off for not doing bridesmaid's duty was to compose and play the wedding march.

All over. Vows made, register signed.
Two brothers, a sister, wives, daughters and son, plus Andy.

First time we've all been in one place.

Some of us hadn't seen each other for more than 15 years.

Cute doesn't even begin to describe ...
Bride, groom, bridesmaids, and best man.
Men in kilts.
I thought I'd better retreat immediately after this photo .....

Photographer moved them so he could take a photo from an upstairs window. I just happened to be in the way.

Music was almost continuous for 3 days.
Start of the Ceilidh.

The band are friends of bride and groom who had a night off for other things.

I've been to a few Ceilidhs in my time and this band were very good at educating the dancers (and the music was brilliant).

I think this dance was splitting the willow. One of many that I learned at school but had long tried to forget.

Sunday was a bit of winding down with more music and chatter.

Simplest way to describe the wedding and catching up with family again - well worth the drive!

Many thanks to Kirsty and Andy for giving us the excuse.

Totally unconnected, apart from it was wandering about the hotel garden.

A white peacock.

Has to be a first for everything I guess! Never too old to learn.

Bound to be considered symbolic of something!

But for now, how to fill a small empty feeling following our success in arriving here with a new goal. And answer the very difficult question about how long we want to keep traveling.

Blairgowrie, Braemar to Aviemore, Scotland Week 49 10th April 2012

Mark Lawrence Fri, 20 Apr 12 16:27:45 +1000
Great Photo's of a great weekend Uncle Julian!! Not sure if I'll ever repeat wairing a kilt again though although I must say I didn't look too bad!

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