Tornadalen, Sweden Week 60 26th June 2012
We returned to our spot near Svappavaara.

A pleasant lakeside even if we couldn't see the old copper mine.

We've begun to see flowers.

As we move north the pines are giving way to spruce and will eventually give way to birch forests.

We followed the Tornealven (river) south east so we could make a loop through the north of Finland.

This is a gorge near Masugnsbyn.

Apart from there being an old iron ore mine somewhere near the gorge has a micro climate.


The climb up the steps from the bottom, while escaping the mosquitoes, left us needing a rest.
Further down the Tornealven is the remains of a blast furnace.

Built in 1706 it was plundered by the Russians in 1715.

It was built here because of the rapids which allowed a water wheel to operate, to blow air into the furnace.
We thought we'd watch the midnight sun.

But alas, it may be above the horizon, but we can't see the horizon.

A nice riverside campsite though.
Its that time of year.

Mostly mosquitoes so far, the biting midges will arrive later.

The marmalade had absolutely no impact on them. 

Further down the river is the remains of the Palokorva blast furnace.

It operated from 1744 to 1873.

This site is a little different as we can see inside. The lining has obviously been heat effected.
The outside support has collapsed and the taphole is no longer visible.
A different industry was tar.

This is the remains of a tar pit. The resin from pine logs was collected.

Barrels of tar were floated down the river to market.

Near the tar pit were the leftovers of "subterranean" houses.

Dug part way into the ground.

The last step in the ironmaking on the Tornealven was at the Kengis Forge.

Not much left of the forge, or any other bits of the industrial area.

This is the tail race from the water wheel.

Part of what is left of the Kengis Bruk is the manor house.
And so, as the rivers merge, and after a brief bit of amateur industrial archeology, we cross the border into Finland.
Pallas Yllastuntori and Lemmenjoki National Parks, Finland Week 61 27th June -2nd July 2012

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