Lofoten, Norway Week 63 24th -28th July 2012
The glow plug for the cooker still hasn't arrived at Tim and Angela's in UK. That's a couple of weeks for next day delivery! Nor has the other one arrived at Hellanor in Narvik.

So we figured we'd head to Lofoten and if necessary back track to Narvik.

The weather is miserable.
The Lofoten cathedral.

The weather was getting to us a bit and we didn't stop.

Neither did the cyclists - several of many.
Still hopeful. A few glimpses of mountains to keep us searching.
And we found a campsite beside the sea.

Just short of Vester Nesland.

It looked like a good fishing spot but none were caught.

We could look south west down the coast towards the end of Lofoten.
Or north east.

We walked a couple of hours along the coast to Nusfjord. A few intermittent showers along the way. A tedious rocky track.

Nusfjord is a small fishing village that looks just like it was built in the 19th century.

Alas we left the spare camera battery in Tardis.

But we could watch the fishing boats from the camp site.

They use the small boat to hold one end of the net when they find a shoal of fish, and encircle it using the big boat.

The more successful the earlier they get to go home.

Onward and south westward.
Lofoten is a string of islands.

Now connected by bridges and tunnels.

The cod fishery collapsed some years ago but its still a major presence.

There are frequent fish drying racks. This one was full of fish - though how they dry in this weather we aren't sure.

It must be quite a chore loading the racks. 


There are mountains behind the mist.

Easier to use stilts than dig foundations.
More of Hamnoy.
The view south west from the car park at the end of the road (next to the souvenir shop).
In the distance the last two islands. No bridge to them.
The town is called .

Pronounced "oar" we think though Ali and I can't quite agree on that.

And back to Hamnoy where the sun is shining a bit more.
Lofoten is a bit of a destination.

From there, it doesn't matter!

A better hint of the islands.


Reminded us a bit of the inselbergs in Scotland, though the only similarity was really the isolated mountains seperated by sea in this case.

A pity to leave as its clearing a bit....
We'd arrived along the southern coast, departing along the northern coast.
With a detour to Fredvang.

We are looking for a walk described in a German guide.

Failed miserably but found a path up to the far headland.

The headland is Stokvika.

Looking south ish.

Fredvang below.

I walked up while Ali read and walked along the beach.
There's a caravan park down there somewhere, at the far end of the beach.
And those two bridges.

A lot of bridge for a dead end and small population.

Not a good beach really, a bit swampy around the edges made it difficult to get at.

We are hard to please some days.



Its been a while since we saw veggie gardens.

All sorts of flowers nestled among the rocks.
We stopped near Vareid (Flackstad on another map).

Wondered if the clouds had lifted further south.

We could see the sun as it set reflecting off the mountains to our south.
And then more.
The near headland is Stokvika that I'd walked up earlier.
And since we didn't have wings we indulged in a postcard purchase.
The barometer fell again.
And then some more.

We are headed to Narvik.

Moysalen National Park, Norway Week 64 29th July 2012

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