Sognefell, Oslo and Kristiansund, Norway Week 67 7th - 13th August 2012
So we headed for the ferry from Linge to Eisdalen.

There's a much more scenic ferry trip through Geiringer Fjord. Sadly it was a bit overcast.

But don't despair. We sailed through it in 1997 with Jennifer and Rachael.

Up and over. Along Ornesvagen.

A first tantalising glimpse of Geiranger from near our overnight stop.

Down the hill.

The buses are transporting people from the cruise ship.

Seemed like hundreds of them (buses that is, there were many more people).

A bit lower down, through Geiranger and looking back.

Lots of walking, but every so often the weather gets the better of us/

Remnants of small farms high on the sides of the fjord.
We took the obscure route (what else would we do) through Gotli towards Sognefjell. 
Stunning, despite the clouds.
Then down a bit.
And up a bit.
We parked opposite the glaciers for the night.

A bit tired to walk towards them for a better view.

It cleared late in the day.


Sognefjell. We think.
But cloudy again next day.

There's a road down the fjord. Then there's the road we can see towards Ardal.

On our variety of maps that road either exists or not.

As we got closer we realised it was nicely sealed. So off we set.

This is looking back whence we came.

But still more up.

Looks like the road services a power line.

We hadn't bargained for the last bit down to Ardal

This corner was ok. Some we had to shunt to get round.

Noticed it was a bit odd having to shunt on the left hand corners but not the right. But more of that later.

Spent the night behind a lay by.

The landscape is getting more even as we approach Oslo.

We arrived in time for the opening of the Viking Museum at 10 am.

A nice empty car park for us.

There are three Viking ships on display. Burials uncovered from Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune.

This is the Oseberg vessel.

And the Godstad ship.
The cart from Oseberg.

Some museums are to display something specific, like this one. Some have a timeline. Others are a hodge podge.

The Fram museum, a short walk away, also has a narrow theme with lots of depth.

Amundsen's ship for Arctic and Antarctic expeditions.

Designed to be pushed up rather than crushed when the sea froze.

Not far from Amli it was time to swap a couple of tyres.

One or more were out of balance due to uneven wear.

The cause of uneven tyre wear, and why we couldn't get round the left hand hairpins became apparent as I jacked up the right wheel.

A failed kingpin. But no drawing and no spare.

Not a nice end to our Scandinavian tour.

We'd previously decided to take the ferry from Kristiansund to Hirtshals in Denmark.

This is Kristiansund. We walked to the centre from our overnight next to the ferry terminal. Shared with a handful of Germans, Austrians, Swiss.

There's a lot of cruise ships in the area.
We caught the slow ferry.

So we could get a good photo of the fast ferry - which also didn't have space for us.

Olgod, Denmark Week 67 14th August 2012

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