Olgod, Denmark Week 67 14th August 2012
Denmark deserves much more attention than we had time to give it.

We are headed back to Spilsby in UK where hopefully new springs will arrive from Australia.

We could also add a kingpin bearing replacement.

Denmark is relatively flat, all agricultural, with few interesting features.
Though the grain harvest was still happening.
Travelling slowly due to the kingpin we were passed by this amphibious car from UK.

I wondered why it was being so cautious but the penny dropped eventually.

Rego is TWO2 SEA

Headed for Esbjorg to catch a ferry to Harwich in UK as we figured more ferry and less driving was good.

Looking at the map we saw a plethora of caravan parks near the coast. So stopped at the small town of Olgod.

Within a half hour Charles, a teacher at the local school, had knocked on our door.

We "volunteered" to talk to his class the next day. First day of new school year.

We like Danish schools (or at least this one).

Charles also fed us some traditional Danish fayre that evening and we parked outside his house.

We met Dothe and two sons. Thanks for hospitality and a memorable insight into Danish life.

We ate bakskuld (dried fish which reminded me of kippers) and stegt flask (pork belly).


There was a large patch of dahlias in the garden next to our camp.
Amed with fresh info about the area we ignored the rain and headed to the coast.

A careful look at the windows will reveal that they are simply painted on.

A training range for the Danish military.

The tracks looked inviting but were apparently reserved for tanks.
So we persevered and drove onto the beach.

Still raining on Denmark's finest beaches (loved by German tourists, hence all the caravan parks).

Tardis was at home on the beach.

We went hunting for amber but didn't find any.

As the rain withdrew the day's activities began.

We had to leave for the ferry before they set off.

Denmark is big on renewable energy.
Cycle tracks, and in the distance Esbjorg, which is a North Sea gas and oil hub.
Waiting for the ferry another bit of English eccentricity. A three wheeled Morgan.

One of those with the V engine in front of the front axle.

An heading back to England after a trip to a Norwegian lake.

The small drive shaft between engine and gearbox had sheared so it was being towed by a Range Rover.

The shaft was a bit short to weld. We thought of offering some Duck tape to help fix, but then again ....

Felixstowe is on the north side of the estuary. A major English container port. This is just a bit of it.

Harwich is on the south side.

Spilsby, Lincs, England Week 71 15th August - 7th September 2012

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