Lagos, Villamora, and Meaha, Portugal Week 83 25th - 26th November 2012
So now we are headed west (since our truck doesn't float).

We passed through Sagres and reached Lagos.

The Algarve is a bit drier than further north so we thought we'd see if there was water at the area de servico.

After circumnavigating most of Lagos by following the signs we drove into what looked like a "Saturday Market".
Complete with roasting nuts.
Mostly clothes that we could see as we drove in.

Having filled up our water tank and emptied the loo and used the wifi..

And had a long chat to a German caravanner (amazingly he spoke German and I spoke English and somehow we communicated).

The fairground music started up. At about 120 decibels (techie bit for horribly noisy). Some form of torture, like a non-stop hammer in the head.

We drove out having realised the fairground and market was being set up not closed.

Just a steady walking pace around all the obstacles.

Where we had driven in was now discouraged by gate and gate keeper (who kindly let us out).

Deja Vu.

Not the flat bottoms of the Plain of Jars, and not quite so big.

We think probably for water storage originally. Perhaps buried. We haven't seen any in use beside houses, just the ornamental ones.


2kg for E5.

Late in the afternoon we drove into Villamora.

A manicured sort of town.

Our interest was in Cerro de Vila.

A Roman villa.

This is the Ostium. Main entrance.

There was some evidence of occupation earlier than the Romans. And also the later Moors.

A late 20th century edifice.

Oops! We strayed a bit from our usual approach. This was opposite the Roman Villa site.

We headed into the hills to find a campsite before it got dark.

Having said the Algarve is dry as we passed Pena we crossed our first flowing water for quite a while.

To reach Mealha.

We've noticed some houses that are clad in ceramic tiles. This is one we managed to photograph.

Topped off by a magnificent chimney (or ventilator) complete with Portuguese Cockerel.

The plaque on the side says it was built in 1973 and names the occupants. We hope they are still together.

We went for a short (for us) walk.

Just a couple of hours.

This is an old windmill. Appropriately solid construction.

And nearby the Anta Da Masmorra.

About  5 - 6,000 years old dolmen.

This rock is slate. Mention is made of menhir further west of decorated limestone.

We christened them "pom pom pines".

Looks like the tree of choice for plantations.

Close up the bottom branches have been removed.
The pine cones grow from the branches as well as flowers at the ends.
To our eyes the general lack of grass is most apparent. This is "Mediterranean" vegetation.

We are south of that line where the ground and rain support the dense green grass we've become used to.

Horticulture is in the narrow valley bottoms. Fields that have been created, rivers that flow round them.

Around Mealha are Palheiros.

Distintive round houses.

At one time they were dwellings, then storage.

This is a larger one. About 6m across.

We are next to the foundations of a larger circle. Probably 10m across. Just visible in the grass I said didn't grow. 

We camped a few km east.

Towards Algeciras, Spain Week 83 27th - 28th November 2012

Mark Lawrence Sun, 02 Dec 12 03:31:52 +1100
hard to believe that you were still in the IOM 5 weeks ago and now your in Moroco. Good stuff.


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