Towards Algeciras, Spain Week 83 27th - 28th November 2012
The fortress at Mertola.

Just a brief glimpse as we head towards Algeciras and Morocco.

A bit late with the blog as the disk with the photos on had a problem. Much frustration but all fixed now and no lost photos. The backup was ok but I was a bit late with the last backup.

There's a large delta on the Spanish side of the border. We decided to head north then east.

Passed a small, but significant sign saying "Spain". Not at all where we expected. Somewhere a bit north of Alcoutim where there should have been a bridge but wasn't.

So we followed the sign, to the objections of gps.

It led down narrow roads to a newish looking bridge across the Ribeira de Chaica, below a dam.

Not part of the road. A modern aquaduct.
Through Tharsis, a copper mining town.

One way of decorating a roundabout and stopping people driving over it!

A minor source of amusement.

The panels are designed to track the sun.

Some of them got mixed up.

We're not used to traffic lights but we didn't mind these.

Though our arms weren't quite long enough to pick the oranges.

Seville sits across the head of the delta.

We've noticed there's lots more road furniture in Spain than most places.

Mildly amused at the thought maybe some of the accidents are caused by too many signs.

And more out of control solar panels.

Possibly too early in the morning!

Finally to Algeciras.

Gibraltar in the background, across the bay.

We headed to the Carrefours and Aldi supermarkets.

And like all the other people headed to Morocco bought our ferry tickets from Carlos. Conveniently located next to the supermarkets.

None of the messing around with complicated pricing so loved by ferry companies and mobile phone networks - flat rate Euro200 return for any size and combination of motorhome, camper, caravan, or whatever. Consumer bliss!

Assilah, Morocco Week 83 29th November 2012

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