Assilah, Morocco Week 83 29th November 2012
Up early to catch the first ferry and watch the sunrise light up Gibraltar.
Tanger Med.

Nicely set up with lots of booths to process vehicles in one place.


Everyone is parked up, vehicle documents collected, people sent hither and thither to have passport details put into computers.

But we escape eventually.

So we head south along the coast.
First stop Assilah.
Parked along the beach front (about center of the photo).
A quick look through the medina (we think the name for walled bit).
Not many garages.
It rained.

This is the accommodation for the car park keeper.

He'd run out of gas so we heated up his tajine (fish stew!) and had a bight for our troubles.

Lots of W123 Mercedes around. Mostly taxis. Just like our car at home.

And of course the Gandalf coat. A jalaba (we think).

Trying to avoid the main road. The asphalt seems to be a bit narrow, and the edges a bit rough.

But we get there. Used the main road for a while.

El Jedida, Morocco Week 84 30th November - 7th December 2012

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