Essouira, Morocco Week 86 10th - 15th December 2012
The main road south passes through a variety of towns.
And the donkey carts became more abundant.
Lots of things growing on the coastal strip.
We left the main road and headed towards the coast.

This is an industrial weighbridge.

Haven't a clue what its doing there - maybe weighting!

Just small strip towns.
We took the occasional track out to the beach or cliff.

There aren't many. The country has grown up around animals not vehicles.


Another old Portuguese settlement. The last one to be vacated in 1769 (we think).

The atmosphere is somehow different to further north.

We are beginning to leave the Arabs behind and meet the Berbers. And perhaps the town is simply more used to tourists.

Somehow better kept, and less hassle.


These buildings are in the wall of the medina.
The old fishing port has been expanded.

Cleaning fish for direct sale.

A very busy, active, alive, port.
With a healthy ship building industry. About 5 partly built.
Major industry in the town is wood.

Lots of marquetry.

The polish seems to be cooking oil.

A large medina. Took us hours.
We walked back to the campsite, successfully avoiding a camel ride, much as we avoided a donkey ride on Blackpool beach.
Next day bought some sardines at the port.

About a dollar a kilo. More than we could eat.

Top, tail and gut them.
Into the frying pan, eat them while throwing out the bones.
We reluctantly left Essouira.

Lots of police checks. It seems tourists are simply waved through.

Argan oil.

From the Argan tree of course.

Salad dressing, cooking, etc.

We think Argan trees.

The fruit is separated and crushed by hand before the oil is pressed out. It seems by women's cooperatives.

The coast constantly changes.

This is one of our excursions down a sandy track.

And we've started seeing birdlife again.

Further north we suspect its been eaten.

Plage Blanche, Morocco Week 87 18th - 21st December 2012

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