Amtoudi, Morocco (day three) Week 89 30th December 2012
Having decided to do nothing after a couple of days walking we set off again. Durrr.

The valley with Amtoudi runs roughly sw-ne where we are. There's a valley running northwards from near the camping ground and a track we decided to investigate.

A much drier, and seemingly hotter, valley. No permanent running water for irrigation like Amtoudi.

Apparently a quarry, or at least a source of building stone, somewhere further along.

We wondered if we could find a circuit so "kept right". The well tried approach to navigating a maize.

Two small gorges, we took the second as the track seemed to head in that direction. Vague tyre marks.

We passed three French people returning. Told us of a cave up on the left. Its at the left end of the weaker band of rock. 

No knowledge of tracks beyond the cave. Apparently even the French have difficulty getting directions.

The mouth of the cave.

Haven't a clue how it formed.

Its use is possibly part of the evolution from nomadic, through semi-nomadic to sedentary.

The agadirs belong to a fixed sedentary society. The cave is possibly storage for an earlier, semi-nomadic, lifestyle.

Large enough to stand in.
It opens out at the end into a circular "room" about 10m across and 4m high.

We forgot the torch. This is looking back to the entrance (to make sure we weren't lost).

A dry cave. Suitable for storage.

No real track beyond the cave. Just hints of a few goats. But passable.

Looking back.

But after a half hour we were on the plateau.

In our "keep right" approach we'd passed that small gorge which may have been long enough to block our way. Difficult to tell but it looked like we could follow ridges towards Amtoudi and hopefully find one of the tracks down to the valley floor.

And so, after another half hour of rough ground on the ridge top and no footprints, we found a promising track.

The best we'd been able to discover about the tracks from the guardians had been a wave of the hand and "beaucoup de villages".

We'd been a bit cautious with the water until we were sure we knew where we were.

Crossing a small saddle it became rather obvious.

The first agadir is in the background and we know the tracks down from there.

Not far now.

Well and truly back "on piste".

Another look at the stonework in the agadir. Difficult to know what the renovations entailed.
We missed it a couple of days ago. Some rock carvings to the left of the front door. We saw the other carvings  on the top of the rock at the center of the agadir.

Chipped through the desert varnish, like a series of dots. Not scratched. Roughly the same technique we first saw at Mutawintji (in Aus) in similar rock and varnish.

After 4 or more hours of rough walking we really do need a rest tomorrow!

Amtoudi, Morocco (days four to six) Week 90 31st December 2012

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