Rissani, Morocco Week 97 15th February 2013
Rissani was a bit of a surprise.

We stopped to buy some bread and veggies.

The souk was quite extensive, though we were there on a quiet day.

We bought some meat.

Beef, by the look of it, and according to the butcher.

There's nothing subtle about the cuts.

Heaps of spices.
And still more.

Perhaps there's a depth to Moroccan cuisine which is not really evident in the tajines and brouchettes we have sampled in the restaurants.

We parked in the main square.
Ksar Al Fida.

Built for a son by Sultan Moulay Ismail (reigned 1672 - 1727). 

Rissani is the part of the Tafilalt that the Sultan originated from. The Alouite dynasty.

The palace was rebuilt (in a slightly different place) in 2005.

We nearly drove past.
Headed further north this truck had fallen through a bridge.

We drove round.

Totally by accident we drove past this Khattara. We'd become aware of them while in Mhamid. Based on Iranian Quanats
Looking down one of the holes we can see the horizontal tunnels.

This one was dry.

Look familiar.

We (and our gps) made the same mistake we made once before.

Dar Efram.

This time we are on the wrong side of an irrigation ditch so no chance of reaching it.

Finally west of Erfoud we saw a larger Khattara.
Heavily protected by opportunistic tourist ventures.

We didn't bother to find out how much to look at a hole in the ground.

We've noticed a few motorhomes on the move.

More so than before we drove through the desert. 

In front are French and British.

We are headed west in a valley to the south of the high Atlas. 
We made our way to Tinerhir.

North of which is the Todra Gorge.

Our gateway into the High Atlas.

Todra Gorge and Tizi Tirherhouzine, Morocco Week97 16th February 2013

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