Naryn, Kyrgizstan Week 128 September 6th - 10th 2013
After three days of rest, and simply pottering, we headed west again.

A bit of research revealed that Mitsubishi didn't quite follow the standard for engine diagnostics. Managed to switch the engine warning light so it flashed the error codes. Not much help, the engine was running in revers etc. Perhaps a useful error about boost pressure. But adding a couple of wires to the diagnostics socket should reveal what the engine is doing to our computer. Better than the obscurity of flashing lights. Dave to the rescue again, a diagnostics cable will await us in Lhasa.

We'd hoped to drive round the lake but the plague inhibited that.

So for the first time in many months we are back tracking. It seems odd to recognise places.

But we took the opportunity to investigate this sign.

We met a Pom and a couple of Hungarians traveling together. Their driver didn't know where the petroglyphs were. Neither did we.

But it was a nice day for a walk.

The track was just a little slow. Nice view of the lake on the way out.
We are headed to Naryn. We'll hopefully meet up with Rob and Clary (Double Dutch Aussies). Then cross the border to China and Tibet on the 11th.

For us Kyrgizstan has been about mountains and relaxed people who seem to just get on with life. Friendly when approached. We are sad to leave.

We really are suffering the last effects of chasing visas in Turkey and would really have liked the extra week in Kyrgizstan. But them's the breaks!

Good news is no new fault codes for the engine. Whatever the problem was it was altitude related.

After a night in a road / riverside camp we traveled the last 100 km to Naryn.

Passed this interesting looking hydro scheme spraying water every which way.

School is back.
Met up with Rob and Clary at the Celestial Mountains Guest House in Naryn.

Tomorrow is an early start to cross the border into China.

Should be an interesting day!

Tibet is a restricted area but hopefully we'll manage some internet.

Torugart Pass and Kashgar, China Week 128 September 11th - 12th 2013

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