To Duoma, Kunlun Mountains, Tibet, China Week 129 September 16th 2013
From Dahongliutan we headed east then south towards Duoma.

Intrigued by the way tributaries cut through the landscape in straight lines.

The Kunlun Mountains form the southern boundary of the Taklemintan Desert. 

They also form the northern boundary of the Tibetan Plateau.

We are climbing steadily to the plateau.

The road is subject to the forces of nature.

Here its made waves.

Most of the road is excellent. But a high level of concentration is required.

Not all of the Tibetan Plateau is in Tibet.

Within about 20 minutes the engine stopped. Not a nice feeling.

A quick guess at loss of fuel. Switch tanks and prime the pump we are under way again.

Later found a fuel line broken. 

Our first pass for the day, at 5,184m.

Qitai Daban.


Then down the other side.

But not so much down this time. Just a couple of hundred meters.

The plateau has lakes.

Lots of them.


And deep colours.

Not sure what caused this form of erosion.
We are surrounded by snow capped peaks.
Another road experiment.

The posts are to conduct some warmth into the foundations.

There's some vegetation. And some local wild deer to graze on it.
The post belongs to a power line.
The border to Tibet.

We had to drive round.

Police and army checks are in much more convenient places.

Looks like the prevailing wind is from the east.

At least the snow is on the eastern sides of the mountains.

We are between passes.

To be pedantic they are more like saddles than passes. And we don't lose much altitude in between.

Not quite aninselberg!
The piles of earth on the road indicate a diversion. Just visible in the distance are some concrete blocks on the road.

There's an earth ramp. The truck got a bit too close to the edge of it.

Just enough room for us to squeeze past.

Every so often there's a section of road cut out for repairs.

Vicious steps in and out.

No warning, and at times we are traveling near 80 km/hr.

 Hard to wqtch the road and the scenery.

But keep an eye on the scenery we must.
This looks like fresh snow.
We thought maybe a fox with a tail like that.

But it wasn't behaving like a fox. It wasn't the slightest bit concerned about us.

So back to watching the colours change.
Officially 5248m.

Though our gps would suggest that the official heights have the passes a bit mixed up.

Jishan Daban.

This is what the deer and yaks (yes, we saw a herd) are eating.
Soon we will possibly see sheep and goats.

We've crossed a third pass. Hongtu Daban.

The restaurant in Duoma has a distinctly different flavour - Tibet.

Though the food is Chinese.

Another small village. Many more restaurants than we thought could be supported by the passing traffic.
Camped at the edge of the village.

Rob and Clary joined us.

As did the sheep and goats.

Tibetans, and an interesting practice of tying the goats together for the night.

It was the women looking after the herd.

We missed how the goats were moved when tied together.

To Ger, Tibet, China Week 129 September 17th 2013

Ian & Jan Wed, 18 Sep 13 06:12:37 +1000
Hi Folks! Must say in all the pictures of 'U2' Ali looks totally laid back, while Julian looks like the guy out of 'Back to the Future' no not the young one! Duh!! However you have some absolutely FABULOUS Pictures coming over 'them thar hills'. Are you going to offer 'Limited Edition Extra Large Prints' on Amazon when you get back?

Best wishes, really enjoying the trip!
Ian & Jan

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