To Zhangmu,  Tibet, China Week 131 September 29th 2013
We'd cleaned the back window just in case the clouds cleared.

Everest, Molamenqing, Qomolangma, call it what you like, its high.

We've decided not to visit the base camp.

At about $100 for the road and $25 each person we think we can find better value for our money elsewhere. Its not the cost, its the lack of value.

The frequency of ruins with an architecture very different to the lived in villages increased.
China is a land of slogans which have been imported into Tibet.

We would have preferred not to have been checked at all.

Maybe next time we'll try cycling.
In some way the fortification became symbolic of the lack of knowledge of our guide.

We eventually learned that the Nepalese invaded around 1788.

We guess the Tibetans won and the Nepalese retreated.

There were a lot of fortifications for such a small population.
We think Tingri.

Cattle with no road sense.

We took a small detour down a small track towards the mountains.
A pleasant interlude.
But no matter how far we drove the mountains didn't get any nearer.

Everest was off to the left, hidden in clouds.

So we turned round.
Admired the cattle and fields.

The hay seems to have been collected here.

Some good sized villages.
This fortification would have been about 5 storeys high.

But not much left.

Up and over.

A cold, windswept, inhospitable pass.

A very slow curve over our horizon with mountains enticingly close.

There's a way through somewhere.

We thought perhaps the gap to the left, but no, more to the right.
A contorted landscape.

How did anyone find a route through?

Even at 4,500m there are greenhouses.
But then down (from 5,000m to about 3,000m) to Nyalan for noodles.
Then down further, we can see green things growing.
A steep gorge, with a road hung off the side.
To Zhangmu.

The border town, with not a flat spot in sight.

But we found one tucked in beside a bridge.

The waterfall was quieter than the generator further up the hill.

Near Dologhat, Nepal Week 131 September 30th 2013

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