Pokhara,  Nepal Week 132 - 136 October 4th - November 3rd 2013
Settled into "paradise" we watched the eagle watching us.

Thanks again to people who wondered why we weren't moving.

And those who understood the fine line between rolling over and remaining upright.

A bit of foot traffic to the bridge across the river.

Everything is carried from the bus through Pame Bazaar.

Rice all around us.


For the first few days we've done nothing.

Seems to be common among overland travelers in vehicles who reach Nepal.

Nice to know we aren't any different.

We just watched the birds around the campsite.

And struggled to give them names.

This looks like a red vented bulbul. Popular with the pet trade and un popular after release in NZ.

A Long Tailed Shrike.
Pokhara is about 6km away.

We later found bread in Pame, a couple of hundred metres away.

But early on we made some of our own.

The cooker had struggled to suck fuel up to the pump but managed to get it going. Though a bit intermittently.

A Black Drongo.

We don't have to go far. The birds come to us.

After a bout a week we are beginning to take an interest in the wider valley.

And have begun maintenance and cleaning.

But also applied for Indian Visas through an agent in Pokhara.

First Wings Travel.

Things went a little wrong. We were honest on the form and provided details of UK/NZ as well as Aus passports.

Copies of UK/NZ were lost somewhere. 18 days instead of 10 for passport return.

Not Spain.

Lakeside in Pokhara.

We gave a sick backpacker a lift into the hospital.

Diagnosed Typhoid within an hour and admitted to hospital.

All well a few days later.

Three wheels on my wagon ......

The tractor was moving!

Lots of hay collected for animals.

A haystack for Ali.

We are just at the end of the monsoon.

Butterflies to cheer us up.

And more butterfly.
And several together butterflies.
The river is a couple of hundred meters away.

We summoned the energy to walk.

Greeted by white heron.

And a White Throated Kingfisher perched on the footbridge over the river.
There's a bit of a hill on the other side of the river.

And a lookout at the top.


The high point is the bit to the right. A bit further away than the big bit.

Truck in the middle of the campground.

And a big fish pond.

We are saying farewell to Regina and David(?).


They are on their way through Myanmar to Thailand.

We later learned they went off the very wet muddy road in Nagaland (NE India) and damaged the side of the vehicle but have driven through to Thailand.

It took four days to find the air leak in the diesel line to the cooker.

I started at the wrong end. The leak was in the last joint I tried. Just after I'd begun doubting my sanity.

I inspected the burner and discovered the temperature sensor had a hole in the end of the sheath.

So I drilled and filed a stainless bolt and pushed it on.

All working well.

The alternative was new part. Available from Aus in January, a couple of months away, or UK with 2 weeks lead time.

Located a Wallas part (they made the cooker for Webasto) but wanted VAT and shipping company didn't answer my queries.

In Brisbane I would make my own part!

Black Drongo again.

Not quite as black as it first looked.

Quite speckled.

This one seemed to like posing.

Did I mention we are chuffed with the camera we bought in Lhasa.

24x zoom.

The old Lumix died with a zoom problem.

Near the village is the playground!

A giant swing.

Newly erected. Rope broke and girl fell on first day.

Further up the valley - we went for a 10 km walk - another playground.
We thought we'd walk up the ridge to get a view of the mountains.

Instead we took the wrong valley and followed the river.

Then did our usual trick of crossing it where there isn't a bridge.
Back to butterflies in the camping ground.
The blue really stood out.
The green surprised us as it showed up in the photo.
Cleaning is progressing.

There's a flying insect, or at least one that used to fly, inside the speedo.

Remove dashboard to get at speedo.

Clean everything in sight.

Fixed the driver's seat slide release that's not worked since installed.

Another day gone.

Election time.

Music and speeches.

We couldn't understand the words but the approach is the same the world over.

Political speeches sound like political speeches. Rousing the crowd. 

Back to Pokhara to pick up the passports with Indian visas and extend our Nepal visas.
Cleaning is never done.

I thought the exhaust pipe needed a polish.

Isn't this what everyone does in Nepal?

An Indian Pond Heron.

Its wings are white. Difficult for us to capture it in flight,  Have to take our word for it.

The Long Tailed Shrike again.

On its favourite perch.

We've moved the truck nearer the water.

Our mobile bird hide works again.

We watched the white heron stalking either small fish or frogs - though we haven't heard any frogs.

The frogs were either never there, don't make a noise, or have been eaten.

Haven't a clue.

A small bird.

We christened the white throated kingfisher "Pinnochio".
Watched an Indian Pond Heron eying up the fish in Eric's pond.
With bread making success came fame but no fortune.

Paul the Pom tried making it in a Nepalese pressure cooker but misread the recipe.

By a country mile.

For a few days part of the camping ground was given over to a meditation / yoga / anything else session.

Not really our scene but perhaps we should have expected it in Nepal. We somehow failed to separate the better known yoga, meditation and chakras from the more esoteric, and (to us) somewhat less credible, added western beliefs that the organiser brought to the table.

Starseeds can activate themselves and through a transformation become connected with their higher selves.

Starseeds provide the missing link in closing the loop between the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchies, the Elohim and the Time Lords who work in concert to help our planet.

That pesky long tailed shrike again.
Another "don't know".

There are many different birds that don't come close enough to photograph.

Someone has to collect the hay.

The rice is getting riper by the day.

October should be dry but there's been a big cylcone crossing the coast of India that's spread rain this far. The weather is generally unseasonal. Clouds instead of clarity.

White Heron again.
Maybe some sort of bul-bul.
Just a glimpse at the edge of the rice.
And another one.
So back to the White Heron.

The birds are getting used to us.

We've now cleaned the outside, polished the aluminium, cleaned the solar panels, polished the windows, fixed a hatch, cleaned a couple of hatches, and so on.

Just before catching something.

Amazing what that neck can do.

Our friend Pinnochio again.

There's a smaller kingfisher around, but its infrequent and hard to photograph.

Since we are traveling in Tardis I produced the sonic screwdriver Jennifer (daughter) gave me before leaving Aus.

The efforts of this Time Lord to communicate with the Starseeds was thwarted by the lack of knowledge of the German organiser.

How can anyone not know about Doctor Who?

Coming out of China we hit a protruding post that ripped the outer skin but fortunately only grazed the inner.

I cut a patch to fill the hole.

Some araldite then some tape.

Plus an ingenious (even though I say so myself) clamp to hold it all together while the araldite dried.

I started the repair shortly after arriving in Pokhara.

Four weeks later, after cleaning a couple of hatches, I found the white tape to complete.

A proper repair will wait until Aus.

We were a bit mystified at first.

Fabian (gathering organiser) was digging silt from the bottom of the pond to put in plastic bags.

Candle holders.

A circle of candles for tonight's gathering.

I went back to butterfly spotting.

This one is a Peacock Pansy.

We are now committed to travel through India and Myanmar to Thailand and Malaysia. Thence ship back to Australia.

Crossing Myanmar wasn't possible when we first set out.

Yet to work out the timing. Myanmar looks like mid February. We'll probably look at the north of India then come back to Nepal in January. Then through India to Myanmar.

Pokhara, Nepal Week 136 - 138 November 5th - November 21st 2013

Ian & Jan Mon, 04 Nov 13 06:52:44 +1100
GREAT to hear and see all is well! Poor Ali getting her feet wet again, not fair, you really need to sort out that GPS to show Bridges on streams! FABULOUS Pictures of Pinnochio and the colours are brilliant on the Butterflies.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your 'break'!

Ian C Mon, 04 Nov 13 21:33:21 +1100
I have just caught up with you in your blog. 132 weeks - Wow! Really enjoying the photos and dry humour. Iím not sure if youíve documented it elsewhere Ė but Iím sure many people would be interested in the logistics of your trip. Getting Visas, border crossings, route choice etc.

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