The Road to Chittaurgarh, Rajasthan, India Week 142 December 18th 2013
As we head further west we see more and more camel carts.

And frequent stone (marble and granite) quarries.

The land is becoming drier.

But of course there are still trains.

I've yet to have a close look at the rails.

90% of the 65,000 km network is broad gauge. 5ft 6in.

Presumably the gauge one uses when there are few needs for sharp bends.

A major source of fuel in India is cow dung.

Always the women, carrying collected dung in baskets on their heads.

This one is metal, but we've seen wicker.

We hoped they were somehow waterproof.

The dung is made into cakes and dried.

There is no beef eaten in India. The cattle are sacred and roam freely.

Along with dogs.

Alongside adverts for schools we've seen lots of hoardings for cement.

And a few modern cement works.

Around Kota. A feeling that the roadside buildings are changing a bit.
And a few high rises.

We missed them at Udaipur.

Our gps took us round Kota through an industrial area.

The cab of this truck was submerged in a large puddle.

Sent a shiver down our spines.

Kota Power Station.

Coal fired.

We think some of the fly ash is used in cement works.

Drier and drier.
With a plethora of stone quarries.

Odd to see marble as we haven't seen any limestone.

But its big business.

From the size of the mullock heaps and the procession of trucks there must be a big hole in the ground.

The roads in Rajasthan and Gujurat are brilliant.

Dual carriageway, and very little traffic.

And occasionally, between the arid bits, areas of cultivation.
These concrete pipe sections looked a bit thin.

Closer inspection, they are steel, with a concrete outer.

More Acacia.
Always interested in the industry.

This tanker is carrying 98% sulphuric acid.

Not sure where from or where to.

Maybe there's a copper or nickel mine around somewhere.


The hill is a few km long with wall all the way round.

Nothing special one might think ...

A Royal Enfield.

England sold the factory to India many moons ago.

The old bridge at Chittaurgarh.

It took us 5 "asks" to find the hotel.

W'ell have a look at the castle tomorrow.
Chittaurgarh Fort, Rajasthan, India Week 142 December 19th 2013

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