Sam Phraya Beach, Khao Sam Roy Yot National Park, Thailand Week 154 March 7th - 11th 2014
We are now conscious of the carnet expiry date of 28th March.

We have to be in Malaysia by then. We can apply for an extension to exit Malaysia.

A mildly complicated process involving AA Malasyia, RACQ and AA Australia.

The result being a stamp, signature and date on the carnet front page.

The flames last night were from cane stubble burning.

The members of the Myanmar convoy have all gone our separate ways.

The front wheel drive French are on their way to Mongolia through China. There's an unsealed part in Mongolia, just over the border, which will challenge them, but its been done before.

A 4wd Iveco will take a more challenging route through the same area.

Thailand is developed.

Even the wats are new.

In passing we hear that the Myanmar government have banished Medicin Sans Frontieres from an area where dissident Muslims are causing trouble.

We find it a bit sad when governments use health as a weapon against their people.

And of course home to another form of worship to which we don't subscribe.
We are headed south. To the west of Bangkok.

Not only avoiding the big city but hopefully also any political unrest, of which there has been a bit reported recently.

Santorini Water Park.

Complete with ferris wheel.

After a very long day (more than 600 km) we have stopped at Sam Phraya Beach.

We were last here almost 3 years ago.

The first rest we've had since leaving Kathmandu.

At low tide these locals are looking for largish shell fish. Picked up one at a time.

This little fellow is in the trees.
As are we.

Its usually a mistake to return to the same place.

When we arrived last night the car park was full and there were a few hundred scouts/guides in tents.

We found a possie and settled in.

Next morning they all left. Very quietly, without waking us.

Our photography skills have improved.

The best we could do last time with the bee eaters was a tad out of focus.

This one nearly is.

Even the lizards are easier to photograph.

And we have time to notice its tail.

This fellow was wading in the lagoon behind the beach.
We really didn't explore this bit last time.
But we did notice the long tails.
Herons at the edge of the lagoon.
Until we disturbed them.
The sun and breeze make it not too hot, and not too cold.
This fellow is on the flats while the tide is going out.

Curved beak looked interesting.

Whatever its chasing it needs all the length, and curve, of the beak.
A different technique.

Scooping up the top 5cm of sand and separating the small shell fish.

At high tide its deep enough for me to swim. I'm sleeping better but truck maintenance is a challenge.

A good haul for the day.

After 5 days of rest we continue south.

Hopefully find a spot on the west coast of Koh Lanta.

For our part we have eaten the last of the 10 Fray Bentos Steak and Kidney Puddings we've carried from UK.

Mixed between knowing our travels are drawing to an end, and knowing that there is still so much to see.

Leam Son National Park to Koh Lanta, Thailand Week 154 March 12th - 13th 2014

John Head Wed, 12 Mar 14 12:07:53 +1100
You certainly deserve a rest. Don't suppose you have seen a lost Boeing 777 on the beach?
Cheers & good luck

Ian & Janice Thu, 13 Mar 14 06:09:57 +1100
How come we never saw one of those Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney Puddings when you wuz in Morocco?
It would have made a nice change from the Turkey we had in Bouzikarne!

While my shoulder/neck 'pain' has all but gone, I am putting it down to incorrect pillow height when going to bed, but interestingly it was in my left shoulder/neck side while my right hand was always on the steering wheel which is contrary to the Truck Driver theory.
Still we hope yours gets much better and Ali enjoys the driving.

Best wishes
Ian & Jan

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