Leam Son National Park to Koh Lanta, Thailand Week 154 March 12th - 13th 2014
Its probably the same lizard we photographed last time.

But this time its friendlier, more willing to pose.

We've also seen squirrels.

But time to leave Sam Phraya.

The Isthmus of Kra is the narrow bit of the penninsular.

We pass the southern tip of Myanmar.

Just across the river.

Nearing Ranong.

We can't imagine a terrace like this in India. 

How embarassing.

According to our automated tracker, and Ali's diary, we've been here before.

But no photos, and neither of us can recall.

Leam Son National Park.

This is a bridge to the free beach. But "no camping".

So we entered the national park.

And went for a walk on the not so free beach.

I suspect we arrived later and left earlier last time. Limited by the 15 day visa.

This time we have longer, limited by carnet expiry.

We shared the car park with a couple of buses.

The occupants spent the night in park supplied tents.

Heading south again.
Through palm oil plantations.
And limestone.
Just 40 km to Krabi.

We are headed south of there to Koh Lanta.

Koh = island.

Why did the .......
The palm oil plantations seem small, but lots of them.

So harvest is seemingly small, but the processing plant can be large.

We think the price was posted at the front gate.

There are two ferries to Koh Lanta.

Took about 3/4 hour to board the first one.

The batch size for the second one was smaller, but the distance less.

We passed under the bridge with inches to spare.

The east coast of Koh Lanta is a tourist strip.
We headed as far south as reasonable.

To "second last beach".

The Sunset Bar has closed.


Which provided us with an ideal camp site.

There's a restaurant about 100m south, and a resort/restaurant a bit further north.

Seemingly comfortable with our presence. A source of water and shower.

We've joined Austrians David and Regina who we met previously in Pokhara.

They traveled through Myanmar a couple of months before us. On their way to China and Mongolia in a week or so.

We went for an evening swim. Fed ourselves. Sat and watched the sunset while swapping war stories. Looked forward to a couple of weeks of do nothing.

Koh Lanta, and Had Chao Mai National Park, Thailand Week 154 - 156 March 14th - 24th 2014

Ian & Jan Sat, 15 Mar 14 01:36:56 +1100
Hi Folks!
Rather puzzled as last time I saw your 'Camper' it had 2 Spare Wheels on the back and now in one of the pictures above they have 'gone'?
Did you airbrush them out or sell them to pay for other parts needed to continue the trip?
Does not seem like you not to have your spare wheels at this point.

Best wishes to you both.
Ian & Jan

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