Koh Lanta, and Had Chao Mai National Park, Thailand Week 154 - 156 March 14th - 24th 2014
Klong Jark Beach.

We woke to a calm sea.

The Andaman Sea.

A good swimming beach.

We are in the gap between buildings at the far end.

Sand, no rocks.

A bit surprised at the approx. 3m rise and fall of tide.

Sadly the Sunset Restaurant is not value for money. Relatively high prices and small portions, plus a bit bland through lack of chilly ("westernisation"). Pity really. The tame monkey trying to swipe our food didn't help!

We can enjoy the sand as much as the crabs.

Not many shells so presumably not many shellfish.

We've carefully avoided the coconut palm.

We think.

The coconuts seem to fall at night.

The story from the restaurant at the end of the beach is that this is "normally private land but the owner is not here".

Indications are its reasonably well known as a camp.

Ian hasn't been keeping up! We shifted the spare wheels inside the door somewhere in India when it became evident the rear was not quite as stable as we'd thought (leftover from Mongolia).

We can watch the colours change during the day.

Temperature around 31-32 deg C. Sea is warm. Nice breeze most of the time.

Swimming (hydrotherapy?) two or three times a day.

No noticeable improvement yet. Hands still swollen. Pain constant. Sharp when I get arms at wrong angle. "Screams" when I really get it wrong.

Apart from that everything is rosy.

We won't go on the all day 4 island snorkelling sight seeing boat trip.

Content just to sit here (for now).

There's a notice stuck to a post that says "Sail The World Off The Beaten Track".

Which conjured up visions of boats with wheels on tracks.

There's about a yacht per day, either sailing past or stopping to anchor for a night.

More yachts than overlanders.

There were a few of these birds.

They alternate between sitting on tree branches and hunting for whatever on the ground.

There's an up market resort at the north end of our beach.

Not really one to benefit from someone else's misfortune but we watched this unskilled and untrained couple battle with their capsize until boatman from resort helped them.

They were never at risk of anything beyond embarrassment.

The Tiger Ferry.

Runs from Phuket down the coast stopping at various islands.

We watched the swifts between swims.

Our swims.

Swallows can't swim.

We saw this kingfisher arrive in the same tree several days in a row.

Always at a different time, so we had to stay awake.

We think a blue-banded-kingfisher.

Bright blue bands on the underside of its wings.

Totally failed to catch it in flight.

Spent a few hours trying to photograph a sea eagle.

Instead we saw a passing monkey.

Last evening on Koh Lanta.

Tried the food at the "Last Beach Resort" restaurant.

Reasonable. Spicy at least, though the servings were a tad small. We are on a tourist island.

Tomorrow we'll move about 130 km to another beach.

Its really quite odd. We are thoroughly enjoying relaxing by the seaside. At the same time we've been sorting stuff out, what stays in the truck and what we take on the plane.

But really, it hasn't quite sunk in that we are reaching the end of these travels.

Reluctant to leave.

But apparently we must.

A little bit north of our beach we discovered where the yachts anchor

The beaten track?.

We've seen a few signs for "no coal".

We may never know.

To the best of our knowledge there is already no coal on Koh Lanta.

Will he, won't he.

The gut wrenching tension wondering if we'll catch this ferry or have to wait for the next one.

There was just enough room.

One hundred and forty two kilometres to Had Chao Mai National Park.

A camp for the night.

About two hundred and forty kilometres to the Malaysian border.

Another nice beach to walk on, sit on, and swim from.

We aren't really beach people. Too resltless. And we don't value a tan.

But it just seems a fitting end to a journey we aren't sure we want to end.

The rocks are of course limestone.

We are still looking at the Andaman Sea.

They aren't really bothering.

More a minor annoyance.

Juat having to be alert lest they venture inside.

They are cheaky enough.

Malaysia tomorrow.

Taman Negara Perlis State Park and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Week 156 - 157 March 25th - April 2nd 2014

jon Mon, 24 Mar 14 21:52:45 +1100
"to a journey we aren't sure we want to end. "

Agree, this has been the most wonderful armchair adventure. You've taken us on a journey that we have never imagined. The photo's have been awe-inspiring and gob smacking. The words have been heartfelt, educational and funny.

Thank-you Julian and Ali.

Ian & Janice Wed, 26 Mar 14 06:59:23 +1100
OK, so I missed the 'Spare Wheel Moving Day' but......
What an adventure you two have been on, and 'Yes' I would totally agree that it is very difficult to find that it is coming to the end of it's time, while you have taken us with you to a lot of places that we have only dreamt about, showing us superb pictures along the way, while we are sure you have met some brilliant people of which quite a few will remain in the memory for a very long time.
"Thanks for sharing" we have really enjoyed 'travelling' with you even if the majority of it was from the armchair!
Ps. I was secretly very happy to hear that you had not lost or swapped the Spare Wheels, but I hope you are not having to 'scrunch up' in the 'Living Quarters' due to reduced space!

Best wishes
Ian & Jan

Alan Wed, 26 Mar 14 19:10:08 +1100
Tried to send you an email from mum, but for some reason it bounced. Tried both tardis and ali addresses. Will try again later and see if it gets thru.

Peter Thu, 27 Mar 14 19:05:02 +1100
Echoing the earlier comments it has been great following you on your journey and our 9 months in North America is insignificant alongside your three years on the road.
Thankyou for sharing your travels. Hope to catch up one day.

Mark Lawrence Sat, 29 Mar 14 19:41:01 +1100
Eh up, still following your journey intently and enjoying the photo's, some stunning scenery I think. Planning my own miniature Road trip this year, getting a boat over from Portsmouth to Bilbao then I have 5 days to drive up to Lorient in Brittany for a festival for another 5 days then the boat back to Plymouth. Can't wait.


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