Brisbane to Braidwood Year 5 - December 2015 - January 2016
Burning Mountain, north of Scone.


We are on our way to our daughter's newly purchased 25 acres near Braidwood.

Christmas and some building.

A bit of recreation. Lowden Park is near Harolds Cross.


It also has a renovated waterwheel.

Used to generate electricity for the logging camp.

Harolds Cross is "rural".

Neighbour has some sheep.

"Big Hole" is a few km drive away. A nice walk.

Interesting geology. The sinkhole is in sedimentary rock overlaying limestone where the cave is. 

Wide and deep.

We were amused by, and tried in vain to photograph, swifts, which flew round and round, gaining height each circuit, until finally released from the cauldron.

Before they flew back in to catch more insects.

Its the other side of the Shoalhaven River from a campsite.

The Shoalhaven flows north, through Bungonia National Park (Shoalhaven Gorge) then towards the sea.

Lost in lakes and hydro power scheme.

A few km walk past Big Hole is Marble Arch.

A steep descent into a gorge, with limestone exposed at the bottom.

Probably a collapsed cave system.

Apart from the interesting geology a real milestone.

No longer feeling restricted to short walks, wondering if I would have the energy to return.

Muscles stiff from exercise is a very different feeling to muscles stiff from disease.

Not past it yet, but a pleasant feeling that improvement continues.

This is a kitchen. It will be roofed and closed on left side and rear (nearest us).
Carefully watched by a black shouldered kite.
The roof is partly on the kitchen.

The bike is to continue the exercise regime.

The mist is a bit cold. We are at altitude of about 800m.

And the kite continues to observe progress from one of the few dead trees.
More roof.
Meanwhile a bit of truck maintenance.

A bit too much resistance in the isolator contacts meant it got hot.

Increased power means more heat when things like this go wrong, which means earlier failure.

The cable "fell out".

The isolator has been replaced.

This is relatively old. Different plastic used in the new one.

A few days of blue sky.

Jennifer and Kyle's temporary accommodation.

Their Viking tent.

Walls and gutters still required.

Small water tank in place.

Ideal for washing line.

This is just a starter. The ultimate aim is to build a bagged earth house.

One step at a time.

Cascades, Namadji, Petty Beach and North Head Year 6 - February 2016 - March 2016

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