North Head, Pigeon House and Braidwood Year 6 - April 2016
The track out of Bendethera.

Apart from one scalloped bit just a bit steep rather than difficult.

So back to North Head to make sure the sea was still there.
Then towards the interestingly named Pigeon House.
A glimpse through the trees.
And the view from top. Looking north.
We tried Bluegum Flat for camping first.

Stayed a night before walking up the house (mountain).

Pleasant, but this more open area at Yadboro Flat had more appeal.

Lots more appeal.

The cattle that walked round the end of the fence didn't stay long.

Pigeon House.

We think, volcanic tuff.

A bit like Mt Warning.

There were steel steps and ladder at the top to help us.

So back to Canberra.

With help from Owen new solar panels were fitted.

The roof is now covered with 1120 watts of solar. (4x250 + 2x60).

With three solar regulators.

So the old panels went to Jennifer and Kyle's solar.
Though we stopped to admire the view towards Braidwood Hill, so it took a couple of days to install.
Complete with battery box.

The panels are set at their winter angle.

Instructions are to change the angle at each equinox.

We suggested some sort of ritual in keeping with their medieval re-enactment.

Two regulators, 200Ah at 24v (4.8kWh) a 3kW inverter and an RVD/RCD.

A starter kit.

Some of the neighbours calves took an interest.

They escaped when a gate was left unlatched.

Soon rounded up and dispatched to their home.

Life in the country is full of excitement.

Barry Way to Taggerty and back Year 6 - May 2016

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