Barry Way to Taggerty and back Year 6 - May 2016
A view we don't tire of.

Looking south across the Barry Way.

An interesting way for us to get to Victoria, avoiding major highways.

To camp at Pinch River.
Then across Limestone Road from south of Suggan Buggan to Benambra and thence Omeo.

We camped at Native Dog Flat. A bit chilly.

This time we took the Great Alpine Highway.

The ravages of bush fires are still evident.

The downhill bit as we headed generally west.
We stopped the night by the roadside near here.
Through Harrietville.

All the nice colours that trees can be. That we don't see at home in Brisbane.

We are staying with a group of like minded people near Taggerty.

We decided to walk up and along Cathedral Range.

A bit steep. Plus a bit tedious and rocky along the ridge.

Nearly too much for us.

But again, how nice to have aches and pains from the effort rather than succumb to chronic illness.

An interesting ridge.

Possibly a bit pushed up then the top and side eroded

We tried to return to Harolds Cross via the middle of the Alpine National Park.

We got as far as Sheepyard Flat near Howqua. It had rained all weekend at Taggerty and rained some more.

We thought better of tackling steep 4wd tracks and retreated to more or less retrace our steps.

To find a nice riverside retreat again at Pinch River.
Our peace and quiet only briefly interrupted by a horde of canoes and rafts. With people.

A Victorian school outing on the Snowy River.

Birds get everywhere.

Without the bird book we are stumped.

An enjoyable sunset.
Accompanied by scarlet robin.
A very suspicious looking, but oddly behaving, feral cat?

Or an abandoned pet?

Then more sunset.
Braidwood to Brisbane Year 6 - June 2016s

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