Braidwood to Brisbane Year 6 - June 2016
Back at Harolds Cross the wombats are busy.

Our third visit, finally we see them.

The holes have been hard to ignore.

The view to Braidwood Hill remains the same.
A visit from Laurie.

The kitchen with a back.

An old site office becoming a temporary home.

But back to wombat watching for a while.

Curious, stubborn, creatures of habit.

More software additions for the solar.

This is the state of charge (in increments of 10%) that the battery is charged and discharged.

Also a throughput meter to gauge battery health.

Excess solar can be automatically diverted to heat water.

This is the 240v heating element and thermostat on the calorifier.

I bought it with element installed about 8 years ago.

Nominally 800w but takes 1kW at 240v. The dedicated inverter is not adjustable.

Robins like Jennifer and Kyle's solar.
Owen again.

The tyres are getting worn. And out of balance.

Owen has a fancy trolly thingo with a jack arrangement that squeezes the wheel to raise and lower it.

Makes fitting a doddle.

Meanwhile, "back at the ranch", some rain at Harolds Cross.

The creek normally flows continuously.

A bit more when it rains.

Short, it rises in Tallaganda National Park. Which helps create a micro climate.

The new dam is filled in one sitting.

It was interesting watching it be excavated. The clay has to be spread in the right places so the dam doesn't leak.

Poor man's cell balancing.

5 ohm resistors across each cell. Either switched manually or the relays driven by some logic in an Arduino that reads a celllog 8S that measures all cell voltages.

Happy birthday Jennifer.

Now 1670 watts.

Getting a bit cold at 800m.

Frost on the ground in the morning.

Time for us to return to Brisbane.

Via Bingara this time.

A pleasant riverside spot.

It would be nice to have more than a night here but for some reason would like to be home.

Some kettle testing in Brisbane with Laurie's new silicone kettle.

We could not detect any significant difference in efficiency.

A big adventure.

We are on the opposite bank of the Brisbane River to our house.

After 10 years we thought it worth the effort to investigate.

More importantly .....

Mobile internet.

The tower is only 800m away. Just a small hill in the way that means we have limited mobile reception.

The two yagis are high enough to give us a good signal.

We can dispense with the very poor landline and use mobile internet with voip for phone.

A very large saving. And we can take the modem with us when we travel.

Brisbane to Braidwood Year 6 - December 2016

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