Brisbane to Braidwood Year 6 - December 2016
Christmas 2016. Down to Braidwood again.

The Arduino connections required for controlling the solar and battery have been getting messy.

So a circuit board was made (draw it and have it made in China then add components).

This is not a difficult circuit. A trial really. Prelude to something more complicated. Resurrecting a hobby from 40 years ago.

The truck battery box is now much neater. Though it will always be cramped. 
We say goodbye to the Dollar bird that has seen fit to show itself again.
A few days with Michael (we met in Myanmar) preparing his German vehicle for the ship to South Africa.
Addition to the solar electric hot water heating.

A temperature sensor.

The copper pipe, machined to fit John Guest 12mm fittings, conducts sufficient heat to give a good measure of tank temperature.

Much easier than "another 20 minutes should see it hot enough".

And daily water usage from a newly installed water meter. A pulse counter.

The temperature of 68 deg C is a bit high. Now limited to 55 deg C.

Heating is stopped by Arduino control of the inverter or the calorifier thermostat.

If heated from the engine it can be above 80 deg C.  

This time we stopped at the Warrumbungles.

A bit of exercise.

A nice place to walk.

We took tracks we haven't tried previously.

This through a valley to the east of the campsite.

Another day and to the south of the campsite.
And a bit to the north east.

All this walking is a major achievement for us.

On the one hand we are grateful that we are once again moderately mobile.

We think we are lucky to be able to take such photos as this.

On the other hand we recognise that neither of us can walk as far each day as we used to.

And need more days off.

Onward to Darbys Falls.

Just a minor roadside rest area next to a creek.

A surprise encounter with these hungry youngsters and overworked parents.

They can't all be fed at once.
Surely they can't still be hungry.
A night at Bungonia, and a quick walk along the side of the gorge.

One day we'll have time and energy to walk down into it.

A bit better planning needed?

Across the end of Bungonia Gorge is Shoalhaven Gorge.

The Shoalhaven flows left (east)towards the sea.

A mottley crew.

Friends from New Zealand plus our mob in Orroral Valley.

The old homestead.


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