Braidwood to Adelaide via Murrumbidgee Year 7 - January 2017
There's a mandolin festival in Adelaide.

Ali needs some practice.

The old tangle of wires to the control system for Jennifer and Kyle's solar.
The new circuit board installed on Arduino.

Much easier.

Adelaide is halfway across Australia.

We are camped at Kohlhagens TSR on the banks of the Murrumbidgee.

The Murrumbidgee rises in the Snowy Mountains and is sort of in between the Murray and the Darling rivers.


A couple of Eastern Rosellas. We think.
The reserve is in a loop of the Murrumbigee.

Reserved for grazing for cattle on the stock route.

It looks like it floods, and has done recently.

We crept up on the bird life enjoying the river.
There are at least three herons along the edge of the sand bank.
Enjoying the last light from a setting sun.
The obvious route to Adelaide is straight across the Murray-Sunset National Park.

Not sure about the track name though.

A sandy track.
We camped just short of the border.

Some rain in the sky that made us nervous as the track had shown signs of mud in places.

We don't like mud.

Adelaide from Windy Corner.

Ali stayed in accommodation provided for the festival.

I stayed with friends. Strange in the truck on my own.

The festival lasted a week.

Ali is somewhere in the orchestra.

Groups from the major Australian cities came together and were melded into an orchestra.

Peter had a brainwave. I'm in the "loft". Officialdom visited us, but said "ok, just this time".

Yorke Peninsula (One) Year 7 - February 2017

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