Yorke Peninsula (One) Year 7 - January 2017
Before we left Adelaide we were entertained by a pair of bronze wings.

The mating season.

Yorke Peninsula for a bit of relaxation after the pressures of mandolin orchestra.

First stop Tiparra Rocks for a couple of days.

First we walked north for a couple of hours.

The next day we walked south to Balgowan.

The ice cream shop was closed.

Heaps of hooded plovers.

Lots of notices about protecting them.

Busy little birds. Almost constantly on the move.

We also ventured into the dunes.

Beautiful white sand and coastal vegetation.

A narrow strip. A couple of hundred meters before agriculture takes over.

Lots of wheat.

Then more plovers.
We are at the north end of available camping.

Until a recent storm there was another spot about 30m further north.

A few other campers and fishermen.

The inevitable sunset.

Inevitable because they happen every day. Inevitable photo here.

These colours were not repeated the following evening.

Every sunset is different.

On the walk south to Balgowan we watched this kite using the cliffs to help it soar (like a kite ....).
It occasionally stopped for a rest on the cliff face.
Another day. Another sunset.
The rocks that give our campsite its name are a little north.

A large population of cormorants.

There must be lots of fish as they seem to have lots of time to rest.

Yorke Peninsula (Two) Year 7 - February 2017

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