Yorke Peninsula (Two) Year 7 - February 2017
Is this really cotton grass?

It looks remarkably similar to cotton grass we saw in Norway and Isle of Man.

W moved further south to Gravel Bay.

And went for a walk northwards.

With occasional diversions to higher ground. Around rocks.
There's a couple of "permanent" caravans. And a couple of boats on trailers with old tractors to launch them.
Then to Innes National Park. At the tip of Yorke Peninsula.

This is Cape Spencer lighthouse.

Looking west from the lighthouse.

Before we were swept away by the wind.

Further along, the wreck of the Ethel.

Sunk in 1904. An interesting story of people rescued.

Marine rescues always involve horrendous weather and sea conditions. And various degrees of heroism.

Where is the bird book when needed?

We've walked towards West Cape Lighthouse from the campsite at Pondalowie.

Black Oyster Catchers.

That's the Oyster Catchers that are black.

Not the Oysters.

And some carefully camouflaged terns.

Which will need the bird book to help identify.
Walking north along the beach from campground we watched a pod of dolphins for a while.
Much more interesting than the handful of surfers.
Halfway to Royston Head we decided were tired.

And the soft sand of the beach was a bit strenuous to walk on.

So we headed directly inland in the hope of meeting the road.

For the equally uninviting walk back on a hard surface.

Goldilocks has deserted us for the day.

These are old vegetation which has been covered with sand then uncovered as part of an endless restless movement.

Sometimes bush bashing is fun.

Other times its hard work.

This is somewhere in between.

Sometimes sparse vegetation. Sometimes impenetrable prickly bush. Which we had to find a way around then recover our general direction.

The Pondalowie campsite.

Only a couple of other campers.

The slender pole attached to the truck has a mobile modem tied to the top.

Internet that was otherwise unavailable.

The last time we saw a white eye was at Bendethera.

This was taken from the window of the truck.

We walked south towards West Cape Lighthouse again.

But further.

Vegetation can have some interesting shapes.

We decided to repeat our bush bashing in a different place.

Equally interesting.

Looking north towards Pondalowie.

Onward we moved.

Past the windfarm at the south east corner of the peninsula.


Parara is reasonably well known for shell fish.

The tide goes out a long way across the mud flats.

The rake is to find the shell fish.

Not sure what the little trolley is.

There were several.

We pointed the rear window at the sea and stayed the night.
And in the morning watched the sun light up the grain silo.

Across the road was a dolomite quarry.

Or is it mine?

Either way, we have underestimated the geology of Yorke Peninsula.

There was also copper mined at some past time.

Peterborough to Brisbane Year 7 - February 2017

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