Peterborough to Brisbane Year 7 - February 2017
All good things must come to an end.

We headed towards Peterborough.

Camped opposite the Rail Museum.

This is a luxury rail carriage.

The piano is at the other end.

A turntable fed the maintenance shed.
Complete with weighbridge for maintaining equal loads on engine drive wheels.

I didn't know such things existed.

For the workers.

Not often we enjoy guided tours. This was an exception.

An overnight camp next to the Barrier Highway east of Broken Hill.
We thought we'd take the short cut.

Follow the Darling from Wilcannia to Bourke.

The temperatures have been a bit high recently.

We are keen to get home.

But we have to sleep.

So an afternoon and night at Tilpa Weir.

The air temperature rose above 45 deg C.

That's some techno babble for "hot".

The cab aircon hardly makes any difference.

It cooled a little in the evening.

The cattle arrived to join the birds drinking.

Cool enough for us to sleep.

During the day we had resorted to knotted handkerchiefs soaked in water, in some bizarre parody of a visit to Blackpool beach.

But it worked well to keep us moderately sane in the very low humidity.

A pleasant spot ....

.... on a cooler day.

We are on the north side of the river. There is camping on the south side.

Sometimes gps coordinates for campsites near rivers send us on wild goose chases.

An early start and a very long day to reach home.

And the air conditioning - first time I can recall running it in February.  

Brisbane to Taggerty Year 7 - April 18 - May 7 2017

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