Brisbane to Taggerty April 18 - May 7 2017
The beginnings of a long talked about but only recently planned Simpson Desert crossing.

Both fuel tank gauges had problems.

Intermittent problems. Which are the hardest to find.

One of them turned out to be a poor connection in the Pollak tank changeover valve.

Just one of the 82 small tasks on the list which kept us busy for a couple of months.

We will meet up with Peter and Margaret at Taggerty.

Part of the now annual visit.

We chose a route through the border ranges.

Where the clouds cleared.
Peacock Creek is a campsite we've stopped at previously.

Last time was our first outing in the truck.

This is a Regent Bower Bird.

Attracted by the bright blue webbing I used to tie a spare tyre to the new roofrack.

Followed by a yellow robin.
The barrel on the roofrack is two. One inside the other.

Special delivery for Jennifer.

The spare tyre is just in case.

The Simpson is one of those rare occasions it may be necessary.

I think .....

We like wrens.

One of our ambitions is to see Eyreian Wrens in the Simpson.

And finches.
Then the bower bird turned up with its mate.

All the while listening to the ringing of bell birds.

Noisy critters!

Undeterred by python.
South along the top of the Richmond Range then towards Guy Fawkes National Park.

Through Baryulgil we crossed the Clarence River near Apple Tree Flat.

A night at Dalmorten then onwards South to Harolds Cross.
Lithium Battery Cells may need balancing.

This may replace the "heath robinson" arrangement of celllog, Arduino and relays.

Interesting test on Jennifer and Kyle's system.

It takes from a high cell and gives to a low cell. Operates continuously.

Unfortunately it can't be turned off. And provides no measurements or other information.

A quick trip to Bega.

Is it a nice place to live.

Certainly Ali's cousin's garden would suggest so.

Then back to Harolds Cross.

A flock of cockatoos in the dead tree.

Surely you recognise this.

From the lookout on the Barry Way.

We recall our first trip this way. When we thought the way was narrow and steep and tortuous.

Much easier now we know.

Or is it "familiarity breeds contempt".

We are on our way to Taggerty.

Across the Limestone Road from south of Suggan Buggan again. 

From Omeo we took a different route. South west to Dargo. The Birregun Road.

This is our Dargo River campsite for a couple of nights. 

A walk up the Dargo River Valley.

Looking north.

Then to Taggerty.

The forest near Yarra Junction was a pleasant surprise.

Blue skies at Taggerty this year.

But still a bit of help from two Okas for Iveco with 5th wheeler to get up the slightly damp grass from the lower paddock.

Will camp on flat next time!

The rest of the weekend was most pleasurable. About 30 people.

Wanganella to Menindee May 8-11 2017

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