Wanganella to Menindee May 8-11 2017
Now we are two.

Camped at Billabong Creek near Wanganella.

Another of those "if you don't read the instructions you will end up on the wrong side of the creek".

Which I suppose is better than up it without paddle.

Say after me ......!

Cotton Gin.

We never cease to be surprised at how water is used in the Murray Darling basin.

More or less headed towards Hawker in the Flinders.

We stopped off the road outside Ivanhoe.

The property owners found us. Smiles all round.

Thanks for a pleasant spot.

The track out in the morning.

Left as we found it.

From Ivanhoe to Menindee the road follows the rail line.

Or is it the rail line follows the road.

It was 1979 when I tested this section of line.

The country looks not so desolate. I've become used to it. 

Lake Pamamaroo near Menindee. One of the Menindee Lakes.

A couple of nights to rest.

And watch the birds.

One of many herons.

and two of many spoonbills.

The lake is just the right depth for wading birds.

Though even they take flight when disturbed.
We are camped back from the lake a bit.

Chairs set around the soon to be lit campfire ready for dinner.

while watching the obligatory sunset across the lake.
There's always room for improvement.

But we couldn't find it.

Intrigued by Peter and Margaret's latest aquisition.

A small twin tub washing machine.

Reading the instructions.

while I watched the birds.

A white faced grey heron.

with a performance fly-by from a fleet of pelicans.

I know its a murder of crows. Perhaps its a flock of pelicans.

But that doesn't seem to capture the strung out in formation nature of the flyby.

Waukaringa to Flinders May 12-13 2017

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