William Creek to Peake May 16 2017
On the track north again.

Leaving a suitable distance for the dust to clear.

We've already had breakfast.
William Creek now has mobile phone reception.

We think Optus were more attracted to creating some publicity than providing a useful service.

Limited range. And not available for Aldi, which uses the Optus network.

Our last internet was at Farina. Which required the pole.

Our next mobile phone reception will be Birdsville.

We decided to visit "Old Peake".

We've been here previously.

This is the awkward bit just before the old telegraph station and mine.

One of the mine shafts.

According to the "throw a stone in and listen" test its deep.

The sharp peak is Copper Top Hill.

East south east of the mine.

We are at the Copper Top Smelter.

An Acacia tree.

The seeds lodge in cracks between rocks, so are protected in their early stages of growth.

Evidence of mound springs on the plain as we walk around the ruins.
The Copper Top Smelter.

The mine shafts are off the picture to the right.

There is some leftover oxide ore at the top level.

Waiting to be crushed.

There's also some coke, used to fire the blast furnace. Brought in from the nearest rail head.

The dark patch is slag.

I need to do a bit of research on copper blast furnaces.

I know more of sulphide ores and reverberatory furnaces with converters.

There's widish sort of valley.
As well as the old telegraph repeater station there's some accommodation, and smithy, and ....
Easier to see the effect of the series of mound springs.

Lots of them, but little water flow now.

All the pimples are mound springs.
A Gidgee Tree.

A type of Acacia.

We didn't find the graveyard last time.

I think we have more energy now than we think (if that makes sense).

The smelter operated from 1900 to 1904. But went broke.

From the graveyard.

The telegraph station, the smelter, and mine shafts outlined against the sky.

At last a bit of sun.

The view north from our campsite.

Oodnadatta to Eringa May 18-19 2017

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