Fraser Island - Sandy Cape August 18 - 22 2017
The conventional wisdom seemed to be to take a run at the half meter high step from beach to campsite. Seemed to need a few attempts.

We went for the unconventional approach and dug a couple of wheel tracks in the sand then drove gently up.

The line is caught on the boat. Fisherman trying to haul it in. Failing.


Our first sunset at the cape.
The walk to the lighthouse is about 13km return.

We could have driven all but the last km but decided we needed the exercise.

An idea of the sand step to the campsite.

There's a mixture of sand blows and stable dunes.

The sand off the sand blows is a little creamier than that on the beach.

The beach is "convex". We are used to concave bays contained by rocky headlands.

First glimpse of the lighthouse.

Unfortunately straight line isn't viable. We have to walk further along the beach then follow a track inland.

The sign says "no vehicles on sand dunes". Which seems to be respected.

The convex beach seems to have become a bit concave.

Hopefully the track is just before that headland.

And so it was.

Sandy Cape Lighthouse.

A km up the track to the lighthouse.

About 1897.

It has a concrete base then welded steel plate construction.

One of the sand blows we walked past.

Just as well we didn't try the shortcut. There's a lot of scratchy looking bush in the way.

Forgot to mention how windy it is.

The sand flows like water down the slope.

A quick detour up one of the sand blows.
And back to camp.

We are not as tired as we thought we would be. The beach sand is quite hard, so easy walking.

This fishing boat looked like it was anchored in the relative shelter of the cape.

The waves are doing a good job of washing sand away.

Uncovering old trees which look like they may be an obstacle to our escape.

North westerly wind.

Next day we headed up the sand blow at the cape.

Breaksea Spit extends another 35km or so beyond where we can drive. Submerged at high tide.

There's been a few shipwrecks.

From the top of the dune we can see the lighthouse.

Still very draughty, there's a layer of windblown sand that blasts our ankles and makes for fuzzy photos.

More like a howling gale, there's been whitecaps for the last couple of days.

The spit in the background.

At low tide we can see the sand.

There's a lot of sand on the move.

A kingfisher visited our campsite.

Not sure where it fishes!

Another sunset.

The wind has moved round to the east.

We moved the truck back from the edge a little after this. The tides are progressively a little higher.

A wise move as the water reached where we were. We moved back in the morning.

Dingo came to see us again.

Just eyeing up our neighbours.

Then a leisurely lope along the beach.
Fraser Island - to Eugarie and Winnam August 23 2017

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